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Thread: Sc2 Mafia: Black Flag Nightless [10 players] [Open setup]

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    Sc2 Mafia: Black Flag Nightless [10 players] [Open setup]

    Website: Sc2 Mafia (link)
    Game Host: AIVION
    Game Type: Open Game (Mountainous)
    Phase Length: 48 hours days, no nights.
    Expected Number of Players: 10
    Lynch Mechanics: Majority and Plurality lynch (Majority enabled, if noone is lynched before EoD plurality takes effect)
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
    Bastard Game: No

    Other: Win Conditions
    Mafia: Have 2 members survive to see only 3 Citizens alive.
    Town: Have 4 members survive to see only 1 Goon alive.
    To clarify, mafia loses when reduced to 1 member, and town loses when reduced to 3 members.

    Link to the Signups
    Link to the Setup
    Note that the setup is mountainous, and therefore quite newbie-friendly (which doesn't imply gameplay is more casual).

    To make your account, simply provide a valid email and confirm your account by clicking the link sent by the site.
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