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Thread: One Night Ultimate Ultimate Werewolf [81 players]

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    One Night Ultimate Ultimate Werewolf [81 players]

    On mafiascum, we're hosting an 81 player game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. If you want to rep mafia universe or any other community, come and sign up!

    Check it out here:

    At the time of this post, we need 12 more players

    Website: mafiascum
    Game Host: vonflare & annadog40
    Game Type: One Night Ultimate
    Game Speed: yes
    Expected Number of Players: 81
    Outside Communication Allowed: no
    bastard: definitely
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Role of the Day

The Illusionist starts the game with 1 gun (1-shot day vigilante shot). Once per game on any night, the Illusionist may choose a target. If the Illusionist fires their gun during any day phase after having chosen a target, the gun will be revealed as having been fired by the Illusionist's target.