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Thread: Psychologist + Detective (13er)

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    Psychologist + Detective (13er)

    I don't think Modbot can run Psychologist or Detective unfortunately but this setup should run nicely.
    -1 Lover Town Odd-Night Psychologist
    -1 Lover Town Even-Night Detective
    -1 Town Doctor
    -7 Vanilla Townies
    -3 Mafia Goons
    - Psychologist can each night check if a player has the ability to kill, unless they have already killed.
    - Detective can each night check if a player has killed (either on the night it is used or a previous night).
    - Days last for 48 hours, Nights last for 24 hours.
    - Mafia can communicate at any time.
    - Mafia may submit a factional kill every night
    - Town may lynch someone every day.
    - Ties result in a random player within the tie being lynched.
    - Majority is in effect so the day may end early.
    - Dead players flip fully.

    I really want to try and run this in-game but it appears modbot cannot process this so i will have to run this manually. Please comment on this setup!
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