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Thread: Vindictive Veggies Mafia!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaempfer13 (#50)
    Oh uh, didnt expect to be on the playerlist, sorry if I wasnt clear. I already signed up for the roleblock mafia game, which has EoD at a much better time. I don't think I can live up to expectations here, especially since I miss EoD and am preoccupied with the other game.
    I’ll take this spot
    Quote Originally Posted by Chemist1422 (#6)
    mfw you accidentally sell your soul for a modpeek
    Quote Originally Posted by Lads (#305)
    God is real, and she is haunting my dreams tonight.

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    Game has randed, please do not talk about it any further outside of the game thread/mafia chat!!!

    If you want to be a sub, please pm me!!

    Good luck/have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
    Message a ghost at Arapocalypse#0834!

    [9:07 AM] boq, bbt's boss: Be Boq
    [9:07 AM] boq, bbt's boss: Wait for the principal in the cafeteria
    [9:07 AM] boq, bbt's boss: Be offered coffee by the peeps there
    [9:08 AM] boq, bbt's boss: "Nice"
    [9:08 AM] boq, bbt's boss: Grab a random mug. Enjoy your coffee. Notice that it says "principal's mug" on it

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