[Website Name]: Mafia Colosseum
[Game Title]: The Thing Mafia
[Expected Game Size]: 17 players
[Game Type]: Open

Game Link: https://www.mafiacolosseum.com/threa...nups-open.125/
Game Host: Crossbell/Prophylaxis
Game Type: Open Game
Phase Length / Game Speed: 72/24
Expected Number of Players: 17
Lynch Mechanics: Majority lynch. If deadline hits, plurality
Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes on lynch, no on death
Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
Bastard Game: No

In order to celebrate the launch of our new website, Mafia Colosseum, we are running something we could never do in our old website, which is run a fully anonymous game. And what better setup to stress test an anonymous game than the famous The Thing Mafia?

This setup has been run before on various other mafia websites, but here's the basic gist of things:

This is an all vanilla (mountainous game) with a twist. The game is played under anonymous accounts provided by me with an unknown playerlist, so you will need to PM me if you want to play.

Twist: (Lifted from TinCow's The Thing game on the Org, of which this is a straight port).

The Thing (mafia): (3 players), the bad guys. The mafia gets one kill per night, however the mafia will have two options on how to kill:

Option 1: Normal Kill. A mafioso kills a person and they die. Dead player's account is unlinked to their Anonymous account.
Option 2: Doppleganger Kill. A mafioso kills a person, but takes their form. The dead player is unlinked from their Anonymous account, while the mafioso takes control of the dead player's Anonymous account and uses it as his own. The mafioso's old Anonymous account shows up as dead.
The other 14 players will be the villagers who have to use their wits and powers of deduction to work out the imposters.

The town will not know which kill option was used.
To clarify, the setup will be

14x Vanilla Town

3x Mafia Goon w/Doppleganger Kill

The phase lengths will be 72/24 (72 hours for Day, 24 hours for Night).

No majority lynch, no locked votes. You must post at least five times each Day phase or you will be replaced.

This game will be 100% anonymous. This means that the playerlist won't be publicized, and sign-ups should be messaged directly to me rather than posted in this thread. Don't talk to others about signing up or planning to sign up.

This game has 17 players, and slots will be first come, first served. PM me on the forums or hit me up at Prophylaxis#0650 on Discord if you'd like to play. Do not publicly mention wanting to play the game.

Do not claim your identity when in-game. Don't speculate on others' identities. "I have an alias read on X and because of it I think they're town" is fine, but don't elaborate beyond that. This game is anonymous for a reason.