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Thread: Mafia Colosseum: Paint it Black [17 players] [Closed Setup]

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    Mafia Colosseum: Paint it Black [17 players] [Closed Setup]

    Mafia Colosseum: Paint it Black [17 players] [Closed Setup]

    Game Host: Osieorb18 & ScarletCelestial
    Game Type: Closed Game
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 48+/24+ (Up to 24 hours extra on each phase)
    Expected Number of Players: 17
    Lynch Mechanics: Majority lynch during the day, Plurality at end of day.
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
    Bastard Game: No
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The Enchantress is a player who starts the game with a crystal ball in their possession. They may choose to pass this on to another player on any night. The new holder of the crystal ball can in turn choose a new player to pass the crystal ball to on the next night. Whenever the current person with a crystal ball dies, the identity of the player to pass the crystal ball to that person will be publicly revealed to all players.