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Thread: I need 2 alternates ASAP for a WW game on FTR

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    I need 2 alternates ASAP for a WW game on FTR

    Super late notice, and that's on me.

    I'm modding a game of JK9 and I need 2 subs to step in.
    We're at the end of D1 in a Werewolf game on with 2 no-shows.

    Game days are Tue - Fri with game nights on Sat - Mon.
    At the time of this post, there are fewer than 100 posts in that game thread.

    If you're interested in joining, please respond so I can help you create an account on FTR and get into the game.

    If you join my game, I'll extend D1 a bit to allow you to catch up, and the other players to have a chance to read your posts and respond prior to EOD1.

    Thanks for your time.

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    BIG thanks to MU as a whole for being here and for helping my off-site game continue.

    I no longer need any subs or alternates, so this thread can be disregarded.

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