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Tracking Wilki seems like it would have been a poor decision

He was polarized to town pr / wolf in a set-up that becomes open as the game goes on

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Ok, so here was my thinking. In a world where Wilki is the bodyguard, the mafia have a Ninja, and all tracks are going to return no results.

In a world where Wilki is NOT a bodyguard there probably isn't a ninja, but you still have to narrow your choices down to scum, then pick the right scum. The odds do not seem in your favour on N1 especially.

I think I still trade a single (potentially useless) track for knowing Wilki's alignment 100% on Day 2. There were a couple of people saying even on D3 "Damn! If I knew Wilki's alignment I could make better reads".
I have thought another reason why tracking wilki was a bad idea. (I stumbled upon it during reading game 6)
I didn't thought about that during the game but it was something that was a real treath.
As a tracker there is a 1/4 change there is a watcher. So say in this situation the scum let wilki claim bodyguard since he is death sooner or later anyway in the hope the tracker tracks wilki. The put the watcher on wilki and in that way they could find out who the tracker is.