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Thread: Dungeons & Dragons The THING 3.5 (Still accepting Subs)

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    Dungeons & Dragons The THING 3.5 (Still accepting Subs)

    Dungeons & Dragons The THING 3.5

    Setup information is below, shamelessly ripped from Manasi who shamelessly ripped it from Amy who shamelessly ripped it from Visorslash.
    This is an all vanilla (mountainous game) with a twist. The game is played under anonymous accounts provided by me with an unknown playerlist, so you will need to PM me if you want to play.

    Twist: (Lifted from TinCow's The Thing game on the Org, of which this is a straight port).
    The Thing (mafia): (3 players), the bad guys. The mafia gets one kill per night, however the mafia will have two options on how to kill:
    Option 1: Normal Kill. A mafioso kills a person and they die. Dead player's account is unlinked to their Anonymous account.
    Option 2: Doppleganger Kill. A mafioso kills a person, but takes their form. The dead player is unlinked from their Anonymous account, while the mafioso takes control of the dead player's Anonymous account and uses it as his own. The mafioso's old Anonymous account shows up as dead.

    The other 14 players will be the villagers who have to use their wits and powers of deduction to work out the imposters.
    • Game Start: 10/14
    • Phases: 48/24 with deadline at 8:00 EDT.
    • No majority lynch, no locked votes.
    • 10 posts/day minimum.
    • If needed, we'll have a vote to turn majority lynches on at some point (after D1).
    • The game is anonymous, so PM this account or Logic on the forums. You can also hit me up at Spacecamp-Logic-Yako#4514 on Discord if you'd like to play.
    • Do not publicly mention wanting to play the game.
    • Please don't try and $#@! with the players by mentioning that you're not playing or any sort of pre-game angley $#@!.
    • Players will be assigned accounts. You are not to change the avatar or password of the account provided to you.
    • Artificer
    • Barbarian
    • Bard
    • Cleric
    • Druid
    • Fighter
    • Fighter-Mage-Thief
    • Monk
    • Paladin
    • Psion
    • Ranger
    • Rogue Thief
    • Sorcerer
    • The Knight
    • The Wizard
    • Warlock
    • Wild Mage
    Signed Up
    1. Filled
    2. Filled
    3. Filled
    4. Filled
    5. Filled
    6. Filled
    7. Filled
    8. Filled
    9. Filled
    10. Filled
    11. Filled
    12. Filled
    13. Filled
    14. Filled
    15. Filled
    16. Filled
    17. Filled

    1. Filled
    2. Filled
    3. ...
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    Alright folks: we have filled our player requirement, and are still accepting subs. Roles will be randed and accounts passed out on Friday.
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