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Thread: []: [Forged in Chaos Mafia] [9+ players] Filled but subs still welcome!

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    []: [Forged in Chaos Mafia] [9+ players] Filled but subs still welcome!

    []: [Forged in Chaos Mafia] [9+ players] [tbd by player signups]
    Game Host: Jazz/Goldenrod
    Game Type: NA/2/9, 3/13, 4/17, etc
    Phase Length: 36/12 is prefered by host but may be adjusted upward to 48/24 or 56/16. State preference in Signup thread on DGz.
    Expected Number of Players: 9+
    Lynch Mechanics: Plurality voting wins @ EoD, Majority Hammers Day in effect d2 and later/Ties resolve by NA
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed: No
    Bastard Game: No

    For those of you who don't know, Forged in Chaos is a custom format run by yours truly and @$#@! van Dyke (aka Cameron). It's a Yugioh economy game-- the economy takes place on discord and the Yugioh takes place on duelingbook. I figure that I can introduce some FiC players to mafia by choosing this theme.

    The game will be vanilla + (at least 50% of town will be a vanilla town), full claim.

    Mafia will communicate on Discord, so please make a Discord account if you do not already have one: Other communication roles and aspects of the game may use discord as well, not QuickTopic (it's 2019).

    Ratios will be 2 in 9, 3 in 13, 4 in 17, 5 in 21, etc. It depends on participation but the rule is we start with the matrix6 2 in 9, and add 1 scum + 3 towns for each increase in the game size.

    I prefer 32/16 for phases but if enough people want longer days we can do 48/24 or 56/16. Please state your preference ITT.

    Notes: The plan is to start the game on Friday. Hammer rules will be in effect starting Day 2.






    1. TGT
    2. MBA
    3. rei
    4. Soph
    5. Frank
    6. Woawa
    7. moxies
    8. Broken
    9. Diana
    10. Shade
    11. Malcolm
    12. Pure
    13. Death

    14. Brandis
    15. auri
    16. Silver
    17. $#@! Van Dyke
    18. Walia
    19. Tony
    20. Hazmah
    21. Sage

    1. JTU
    2. JC

    3. Zappdos
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