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Thread: 04/12 The Org, 9+ Players, Flavour TBD

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    04/12 The Org, 9+ Players, Flavour TBD

    Website: The Org
    Game Host: nl. (me)
    Game Type: Closed most likely
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 36/12 or 48/24, let me know what suits yall better
    Expected Number of Players: 9+
    Lynch Mechanics: Deadline lynch
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Likely to be just Alignment Only
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): Likely to be no.
    Bastard Game: No.
    Other: All welcome.

    Game will run with whoever we get above 9 Players.
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    I might, but I need to make an account.

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    Sorry, got a Hydra game starting that day, I don't wanna multi.
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    Not playing anything the rest of 2019 sorry dude
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    she's hard defended 90% of the dead wolves and the whole thread still wants to wish her happy birthday

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    will probably in, depending if pog game runs

    gonna make an account sometime this week

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    thanks for asking, but I can't multitabling so much, I want to focus on that hydra game too
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    jaleb probably willaging too

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    you guys make perfect partners in crime :slight_smile:

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    I'll get right on downloading the PM's directly into your brain.

    Coming on Christmas 2040.

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    worth noting that the game is now running on the 4th of december

    to possibly accommodate the pog game

    (willing to push it a bit later if necessary too)

    Playerlist is sick, you guys should definitely join. I will say you should not expect it to be like a high volume MU game. it won't be lowest of the low volume but it shouldnt be very hard to keep up with.

    1. Montmorency
    2. Csargo
    3. El Barto
    4. Choxorn
    5. Zack
    6. GeneralHankerchief
    7. Logic
    8. Dyachei
    9. Wolfy
    10. Pzelda (capage)
    11. Fable
    12. ladd (when/if he makes an account)

    more pls
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    Very tempted, but timing sucks unfortunately!!!
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    Yeah kinda busy atm but thanks.
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    i don't know when to take jack seriously lol.
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    Jack, please don't just come in and make jokes

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