Hello, and happy new year!

If you'd rather skip the explanation and let the OP do the talking, you may do so here.

I'm looking to host the first ever "Special" Forum Mafia game, SFM1, on Chief Delphi, a Discourse-based forum. It'll be a 22-player, 48/24, closed rolemadness setup with 10:30 PM EST EoDs and flavor from the animated television show Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

A few things you should know before joining:

Chief Delphi has a relatively new FM community, just now reaching its first anniversary, but the site is quite old and targeted at high-school robotics programs. As such, although our players are generally pretty good, many of them are relatively new to FM, and won't have multiple years of experience playing. If you often sling insults at players who are less experienced, maybe sit this one out.

Another consequence of this is that the moderators expect the rules of the site in general will be followed at all times and don't make exceptions for FM. The only real player-facing manifestation of this is that almost no swearing is allowed. Most words considered inappropriate will actually immediately flag your post for the mods to review, so don't join if you'll have a problem with this.

Furthermore, the site's new-user restrictions are a bit strict - if you have any issues with them, let me know, and I'll ask a moderator to bump up your trust level. That being said, if you're interested, creating an account sooner rather than later will help ensure you don't run into any issues in the game, so be sure to do so at your earliest convenience.

Lastly, while creating an account, the "Team Number" box is to be used for your FRC/FTC team number. If you don't know what those acronyms mean, leave it blank.

If you have any questions, I'll answer them - the fastest way to reach me is on Discord at orangeandblack5#4506, but a reply or PM here will work as well. And if you're interested in playing, please let me know and I'll slot you in as a player.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you there!