Harry Potter 9

Website: https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/5...hread-1759859/.
Game Host: bopolis, UncleDynamite
Game Type: Closed Game
Phase Length / Game Speed:12/12
Expected Number of Players: unlimited
Lynch Mechanics: Deadline lynch
Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
Bastard Game: No

What to expect

  1. A $%#!load of Harry Potter. Spells, Potion, Trivia, Magic Items, themed events... you name it, we will (probably) have it.
  2. Roles and events that will boggle your mind.
  3. Broken Overpowered crazy roles, unless bopolis convinces me to tone down some of them.
  4. ITAs that will probably run more efficiently now that I have a co-mod.
  5. Mechanics, both new and old.
  6. A lot of dying.


  1. If you want to play this game, please be sure that you can dedicate at least one hour per day to it, and that you can post at least 10 times per day.
  2. Unouted gimmicks (also known as alts) are not allowed.

Technical details

  1. Designed and modded by bopolis and UncleDynamite.
  2. SOD: 9AM EST.
  3. EOD: 9PM EST.If you are looking for a high-intensity role, PM this account. High-intensity role may require high-thread presence, creativity, and, sometimes, EOD and post-EOD presence.
  4. If you cannot guarantee one of these requirements, you may still apply for such a role (please be specific in your PM request). You will not receive a high-intensity role that conflicts with your request.