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Thread: Not A Mafia Game Thread(13p)

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    no offense but those "concerns" you had with my gameplay were blown so far out of proportion

    edit: also, i think the post i quoted didn't raise anything specific, so i kinda just shrugged it off instead of dignifying it with a proper response
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDS (#1350)
    Quote Originally Posted by Chemist1422 (#1348)
    Quote Originally Posted by Radiate (#1346)
    Quote Originally Posted by Chemist1422 (#1345)

    i can't believe i'm still getting made fun of for 2cop1jds
    is this your friend alpha

    is this some champs meme that is so big-brain that i cannot even begin to comprehend it
    i don't know what you're talking about

    i have never once played with jds and definitely not tinfoiled myself into getting hardpocketed by him while he was essentially outed wolf

    @ Rad: Let's just say that the whole "getting out of performing a peeked kill" thing would not have been the first time that I've done that, lmao.

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    RIP Nafoa, you will be remembered. By the way, since only like, what, two people are alive didn’t us mafia already win, unless they like, re-populate.

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    GG all, this was fun!

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    The game was fun, yeah. I’m glad I got to play on forums again, even if all the fancy tools didn’t cut my time in half like I was hoping they would, lol. Thanks all, and thanks for the awesome flavour, DS.

    (Left a few more comments in some of the Discord chats. Couldn’t catch up to them all. I think they’re as long as the game, lol.)

    And I’ll put this here, too. @Spartan057 Thanks for joining us and putting up with our nonsense, lol. I did appreciate your help—it was very insightful and helped me get to the right place in the end.
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    GG everyone.
    Good effort wolves. Also good shot Raidate. Brandon was quite towny D1.
    Thanks for hosting DarkSoulz.

    And Thanks @Ghost. I honestly didnt do much tbh. Town came through in the end.

    Glad I got to play here with everyone. I realise I messed up on my vig claim thing

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    All flavour along with the endgame as requested.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1)
    Not a Mafia Game - TvM Thread

    It’s a peaceful, silent day in Smirkville. The usual chatter and noise is absent today. Everyone is gathered at the Church of Brandon located near the town hall. A large banner is heaved in the inside, saying “RIP Forum Mafia”. Mama Snooks is giving a speech at the podium. However, she can’t be seen as she has a humongous book twice her size in front of her. She announced the end of the introduction part only a few moments ago, 50 minutes into her speech.

    Moonglade grunts. “What is even the point of this funeral? This is just boring.”

    “It’s supposed to be boring. And you’re supposed to be mourning the death, not complain like a kid,” Alpha tells him.
    “What death?” Moonglade protests. “It’s the funeral of the concept of Forum Mafia. And not to mention, we’ve all switched to Discord Mafia, which is heaps better.”

    “Just because you’re new, you have no idea of what forum mafia even was,” the wise Comet says. “It was a dear thing to us forumers before Sneaky and his goons teamed up with Sammy to kick us out. Now we’ve escaped them, and after a long time, we’ve decided to say goodbye to Forum Mafia.”

    OPG* walks up. “Yeah, this puppy Comet is right. Hear that, Zyg, you adorable son of a cutie pie? We’re gonna give one last farewell to Forum Mafia and then, bam, bye-bye, forums, you beautiful person, and hello, Discord, my loving love.”

    A person in the front row looks back. It’s Dude with his favourite pitchfork. Despite Brandon’s insistence to leave the pitchfork for just the day, Dude still brought it along and tried to put it to good use when he noticed NotTheRealPaul wearing something that looked suspiciously similar to a bulletproof vest. It took the combined efforts of Arius, Stitch and J1M808 to get Dude off NTRP and convince him he wasn’t a survivor trying to hide from Dude.

    “Stop waving that pitchfork, I’m gonna die, Dude!” NinjaWarrior cries out.
    “Yeah, yeah. How long will this speech be anyway?” Dude asks the others.

    OPG gives a triumphant look. “Don’t you worry, you biscuit cracker. Our plan’s already underway.” He points at the front where Snooks is turning page after page. Just behind her, however, are Icey and Marjam7 who give a smirk, bump fists and starts their operation.

    “Heh, do it. You’ll fail. Try investigating dead people as a Cop instead. Oh wait, you already did that.”
    Marjam pretends to fume. “Mom, Icey’s being mean!”
    Snooks already has her attention at them. She sighs and picks both of them up and steps down from the podium.

    “NOW!” Brandon shouts. A small team of NASAGeek, DaisyCloud, DarkSoul, Pixie Dust rush towards the gigantic book. They manange to barely carry it and start walking towards the door.

    Unknown, SilverFlute, open the door!” Brandon shouts out. “And remember, when Snooks comes back, tell her tha-”

    The door busts open before Unknown and SF even reach there. It’s a unicorn, showing off a majestic stance. “Radicorn!” Daisy shouts. She takes her mind off the humongous book, which then falls on the four people.

    Brandon signals some people to help them, and looks at Radiating. Rad looks at him, opens his mouth and says,” AE OP AE OP AE OP AE O-”

    “Rad, why are you so late?” Brandon asks. Rad is completely surprised. “Why didn’t you chant AE OP with me, Brandon? Okay, let’s try aga-”

    “It’s a funeral, Rad.” Brandon says.

    “Oh yeah,” Rad remembers now. “Anyway, guess what? I got us a private sub forum on Mafia Universe. We can continue Forum Mafia there. Very cool amirite?”

    “But the funeral is of Forum Mafia,you brightly intelligent person, Rad,” OPG says.

    “So what?” NoGuy5 objects. I mean, it’s an empty coffin,” he says, opening it up. He takes a look at it and screams with his eyes wide open. The pikachu duo of Pikasper and Arieoreos rush and gasp. “It’s MathChamp, dead,” Ash says.

    “Yeah, he obviously couldn’t put up any fight since he was only a host and never played any games,” Arie adds. “What’s that note?” Ash asks, and picks it up. He gives out another gasp.

    “Let me look at it,” Rad says, snatching the note. He laughs loudly. “It was the funeral of the Forum Mafia, right? That means we’ll have no problem hunting this scum down in MU. HAHAHAHA.” He throws the note and makes it visible to the others. Everyone sees the writing, clear as day.


    *Special Note: All statements from OperationGaming has been modified to provide a Snooks' kid friendly content.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#466)
    Not A Mafia Game : N1 Flavour

    A giant group standing in the middle of a desert-like area. Any sane person who would have the courage to look at the activities of the people in the group would undoubtedly need to be admitted to a trauma center and placed under intensive care. But there were no sane people around. It was Mafia Universe. Anyone playing the game of Mafia already had a certain amount of insanity obviously. But when it came to MU, the issue was much much more severe. So no one really paid attention to the otherwise outwordly event that was to take place that following day.

    "Hey, Rad. You said...this was gonna be cool." CKBJimmy said.

    Radiating looks at him. "Yeah, and I was right, wasn't I? LOOK AT THIS PLACE. THIS IS HEAVEN. I COULD-"

    "It's a desert, dude." CKB said. He obviously expected a lot more. So did everyone else.

    "Oh, yeah, turns out we can't get in any further cause these MU people didn't hear of this new Nafoa people. So we need to take care of stuff here." Brandon said.

    Daisy comes along. "don't u worry, jimmy. mu has a lot of good stuff too. wait til u take a look at these awesome features. and the people here are really great too."

    CKB just grunts. MasterCal asks him, "Why did you even come here? You weren't even at the funeral that day. And it's not like the Nafoa is some cult that they'll recruit you and you'll tell us townies the next day who they are."

    "Hah, you never know," Brandon laughs.

    "Hey, put a rest to it," CKB says. "Besides, OPG said he was gonna call me a adorable strong hamster every day for the rest of my life if I didn't have the courage to come along. And then he said some Hindi and well, Stitch's been laughing at me ever since."

    "Oh, yeah, that's why he was pointing at you on our way here," Brandon said. He notices Marjam and Snooks coming towards them. "Hey, how's everyone settling in?" He asks.

    "Well, people have been at everyone's throats more than usual since we got here," Snooks said. "I don't know why."

    "Hm? That does sound right. I saw Dude chasing people who aren't even survivor suspects around with his pitchfork and some other small axe. i wonder why..." He said, before noticing Marjam.

    "Wait, where's Icey?" Brandon asked, sounding a bit alarmed.

    "Huh? I dunno." Marjam said. Daisy said,"snooks prolly beat him up too much at that funeral, rite, snooksy?"

    "Haha, nothing like that. Why do you ask, though, Brandon?"

    "Because, i-i-if h-he isn't here, t-then...urghhhh."

    "Are you okay?" Snooks asked him. He replied, "Yeah," though he seemed to be getting paler. "Ice-uhh-Icey needs to b-be here, or-or, urghhhh, why can't I say it?"

    "Why can't you talk, Brandon?"

    Suddenly, Rad turns around and points directly to Brandon. "IT'S BECAUSE HE'S THE NAFOA!"

    "N-no, Rad, y-you need to un-unders...urghh."


    noGuy5 was standing at a distance. "What's going on there?" He gets smacked immediately.

    "It's obviously an RvB, EggNoG." OPG told him.

    "Is it?" DS asked. "Brandon doesn't seem all that go-"


    "Well, Brandon? What do you have to say?" Rad asked him with a smirk(forum, not discord).

    Brandon was still pale. Suddenly, a madness engulfs his eyes. "I'm the Nafoa, Rad? Ha, you're obviously the scum here. I'll prove it to the town right here right now!" Brandon laughs.

    People roared. Everyone took sides in this grand RvB. But soon enough, fights broke through, just as Snooks said earlier. Everyone was accusing everyone. It seemed as if the world was out of control. Snooks only spoke in one-liners. OPG spent the entire day without speaking a sentence that included all the many cute animals in the world. Everyone was chasing each other, votes were flying all around.

    "Who are we even gonna vote out today?" Arius said, after he had defended against a giant book Harish made, who was all against noob cards this time around and actually accused Arius of being a noob in disguise in his 1500-word prologue.

    "I doubt we'll lynch anyone with this much chaos," Kai said.

    Jim points at something. "I think you spoke too soon, Kai."

    Soon enough, everyone was looking at the same thing as Jim. It was a drill on fire, with explosions going off all around. On top of it was Alpha, waving a mayor's hat. On the sides were Stitch and Kart.


    Some of the crowd cheered, while some grunted in disapproval, while some were asking the abbreviation of CFD for the 38th time in the day. SilverFlute walked up in front.
    "CFD is useless." She said.
    "It's not actual scum hunting." She said.
    "It's just power hungry townies." She said.

    The CFD changed course to SF now. "Okay, then." Kart said, laughing like a maniac. The CFD trampled people in its sight. It stayed on someone for a couple of minutes, before Alpha decided to try it out on someone else. Then a few minutes later, Alpha decided to go back to the previous person again. Votecounts were being spammed as the MU Modbot was nearing its limit and was about to gain sentience just so it could yeet the ever-living life out of Alpha's body. People joined up the massive bandwagon on the CFD, but differences in opinins were seen quick enough.

    "Who do we all agree on being the D1 LYNCH?"

    There was silence. And then, they all blurted out the same name.


    The giant mouse stopped in his tracks. "W-wait up, guys."

    "CHARGE!" Alpha screamed. The entire town was united behind this cause. Of course, they were. It was Ash, and it was D1. No one could ask for a better match. Even Rad and Brandon got off each other's backs and joined the CFD on Ash.

    With no other choice, Ash the Pikachu let out a pretty big thunderbolt. It didn't have any effect on the Chinese Fire Drill. It didn't need to. Because Comet was at the front sides, leading the wagon. And it was at that moment, he knew, he fluffed up, as OPG would obviously say. I guess someone needed to learn thunder attracts stuff like you know, a comet.

    The CFD came in collision finally. The town thought they had lynched Ash D1 and upheld an age-old tradition. But alas! Ash was standing there, perfectly fine. It was poor Comet who got dragged to the front and blocked the majority of the force of the CFD.

    "He's fine, right? He's a comet." Ninja said.

    "NO." Modbot screamed out.


    "Yeah, I'm ending this. I've had too much vote count processing to even count today. Give me a break."


    Stitch07 was eliminated. He was Comet,a Vanilla Town.

    "Oh no," Alpha, the wagon leader said. He looked at the role card a bit. "Anyway, let's go to sleep, eh?"

    The crowd agreed in unison. Suddenly, someone arrived. It was Icey, with a bunch of air conditioners strapped to his body.

    "Curse you, Rad," he said. "I'm a penguin, why did you make me come at a desert? And also what the heck happened here?"

    He looks at the Modbot's declaration. "Why is Comet dead?"

    "Well, it's obviously your fault," Marjam said snidely.

    Icey looks at her and said, "I wasn't even here. How is it my fault?"

    Marjam looked back at him and said, "Well, it still is your fault."

    "Oh, oh, oh, I remember what I wanted to say earlier," Brandon said.

    "What, when your face was going all white?" DS asked him.

    Brandon nodded. "I couldn't say it cause Icey wasn't here."

    "So it was Icey's fault." Marjam said, similing.

    "Wha...I'm done," Icey said.

    "It's cause of the secret Newton's 4th law." Brandon said.

    "Um," Zyg said, "Newton has only 3 laws. How are there 4 laws?"

    Brandon looked at him weird. "It obviously exists. I wrote it. So it's valid. Take a look."

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#468)
    Not A Mafia Game: Day 2 Flavour

    It took a while for people to start talking as the night came over the skies of MU. No, it wasn't because they felt remorse for killing Comet. After all, it's TvMers. Killing people for no reason and then memeing was the part and parcel of their life. But that Modbot just taking away talking cause the night came over was much more painful to them. It took a flummery of private messages to Thingyman to get things the way these people wanted it.

    NASAGeek was the first to speak. "Awww, that took long enough, dude," he shouted at the Modbot.

    "I'm here," said Dude behind him.

    Kai looked at him, "Oh, not you. The other dude. The one without the blood thirst for survivors."

    "Ah, gotcha," Dude replied.

    The TvMers started gathering. Some of them were wondering who these Nafoa people were, others were typing cases and thunderdoming already, whilst a few others dedicated their very heart and soul to make memes and jokes about literally anything around them. It took three people to shut Moonglade up after he started cackling when someone asked him who his scumbuddies were.

    NTRP, who wasn't a part of TvMs for a long time asked, "Why does he laugh whenever someone says scumbuddies?"

    Stitch opens his mouth. "Oh, it's becau-"

    "Hold on, Stitch," Alpha said. "If you say that here with so many people around, you might get reported and banned from MU too."

    Stitch looked like he was object when Alpha added, "After all, we can't have you get permabanned now. You're supposed to do that when you're hosting a game, right?" A bunch of ooohs and aaahs spread out as Stitch goes read.

    "Enough bickering, you absolutely beautiful useful people," OPG said. "We should be working to hunt down these nafoa puppies instead and make them feel overwhelmed by our caring."

    "Yeah, that's the spirit, OPG," DS says.

    "So I'm going to make a VCA now."

    "Wait, wha-"

    "The rule of thumb, not always accurate but generally accepted..."

    DS sighs. "So dumb. VCAs so dumb." He shakes his heads as walks towards the place where saner people were.

    Arguments started up soon enough. Who was conspiring behind everyone's backs? Who was talking in the super secret completely unsecured Nafoa discord chat? Who was the crazy narrator who made all these stuff up cause he had nothing else to do with his life while also juggling with classes where he didn't pay attention? Who was the person that was saying "ur picking on the wrong cloud, u waffler"?

    Oh, the last one was Daisy.

    "I am not waffling, Daisy," Kart said, regretting his Waffle Nation related life choices now.

    "well should i lynch u again? i did it once, remember? wanna get lynched again?"

    Kart's face was priceless with a She's so scary look. "Run, Kart," people said. "Wait..we mean, roll. Yeah, roll away Kart!"

    Kart obliged as the town once again divided into three sections. Those who supported the case, those who didn't, and of course, there were a few people who just said, "Don't talk at night." in the night chat who still shouted at the Modbot for taking away night chat. The chatter boiled up to the point where Rad and TJ, who probably forgot long ago what they were talking about, now was spamming a mixture of random, yet extremely good YouTube videos and debate jargons which r/wooosh'ed over everyone else. Of course, it didn't take long enough for Daisy to call them out for distracting the thread from her case on Kart at which point she jumped on the two of them hoping to yeet them out of the thread even though it was night. Hardly anyone had any time to move as Daisy was coming towards about half the TvMers who just happened to be standing behind Rad and TJ with popcorns and drinks. Someone among them just happened to be prepared obviously, as Daisy couldn't even reach them as she dropped suddenly.

    "Is she..."
    "Looks like it."
    "Hey look that stupid Modbot is coming back."
    "Time for my morning tea, eh?"
    "Ew, Brits!"
    "Hey, c'mon, at least we use u when spelling 'flavour' like this cool-$%#! narrator is doing. What do yo Americans do, just throwing away a letter without batting an eye."
    "We don't destroy our electricity grid trying to turn on the kettles."
    "Chill out, guys, the Modbot is announcing something."
    "Pfft, sure. And unlike you Brits-"

    "Ahem. I came here to announce one death, but should I do some more?"


    J1M808 died. He was DaisyCloud, a Vanilla Town.

    Sorry for the terrible flavour, guys I used all my good brain cells on the starting flavour lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#838)
    Not A Mafia Game: Night 2 Flavour

    The TvMers gathered near a big stage. NASAGeek was giving a speech trying to rile everyone up. As usual, half the people were barely listening whereas the other half were discussing Pokemon with Icey spamming Pokemon Go pics pretty much everywhere.

    "Come on, guys, let's find these Nafoa guys quickly and get them hung so we can see the Modbot actually post something in Red and then get out of here." NASAGeek said.

    "Yeah, I agree," ThatDude said, "I think all the Survivors are back in Smirkville," he continued with a sad tone.

    "Alright, let's hunt those cute puppy loving Nafoas down!" OPG said.

    "Aight, good. So, I'm gonna get going now," NASAGeek said getting off the stage.

    "Wait, what?" Someone asked.

    NASAGeek looked at the crowd. "Oh, don't worry. There's this guy, uhh, some Greek city-something. He'll take my place. Cyall later!"

    OPG shook his head. "Alright, that appreciable guy can go. I'm afraid we actually have to scumhunt cause I didn't get Transporter so I couldn't kill one of those Nafoas N1. Come on, son, help me."

    Pikasper came back from the weird Pokemon crowd. "Sure, let's go." They went off somewhere. The whole group broke up as each people now were full-on scumhunting, without much regard for logik, just like the good old days.

    Ninja decided to take a break from discussion on him not knowing his country's timezones(seriously? AEDT? Cmon Ninja). "MU is so comfortable. Look at this multi ISO feature. I can go into Snooks' posts now...hah, the page broke cause of overloading. Damn, anyways yahs can't get anything better than this."

    "True, BUT," Rad said. "Look at this feature that allows me to link weird YouTube rabbit holes. Cool, right?"


    "Bruh, I think my bot got another bug," Stitch said.

    "You mean feature, right?" Arius said, before breaking into a chuckle.

    "Shuddap, Craw. Looks like it's the Polarity bug, again." Stitch sighs.

    "Can't you at least find the mafia first?" Kart asks. "You know programming and bots, the Modbot is a bot and know?"

    "I know what?"

    "Just do some hacking and stuff, Stitch. After all you, survived Night 1, which is like a lot for you. You might as well make some use of that," DS said.

    "Boi, you have no idea what programming is."


    arius, moonglade, rad: mood

    "Mannn, okay, CKB, you have any ideas?" DS asked.

    "Huh?" CKB said. "No. It's not like I'm a witch that I can find Vanilla Towns all game. Again."

    "Oh, yeah," DS laughs. "Fun times."

    Rad stands up and shouts out, "How long for the Snooks book?!"

    "She's halfway through!" Someone shouts back.

    "But Day 2 is half over!"

    "Yeah, we'll just CFD whoever's name pops up the most in the book then!"


    As the end of day approached, everyone approached Snooks in anticipation. Absolutely moot had been done in scum hunting and so everyone was just prepared to sheep and CFD whoever Snooks said within the last 10 seconds. As the last minute of the Day approached, Snooks finally submitted a post, which simply said, "Ah, deleted everything. I hope everyone else has reads of their own."

    The crowd just stood in silence while the Modbot came over to end the Day, for a no-elim, as thought by everyone.

    "Ahem, so an anomaly was noticed last night. It seems that Stitch did not die. This was absolutely shocking, which led us to two possibilities.

    "What the hell is this?" Stitch asked but just got ignored.

    "The first possibility is that Stitch was not attacked at all last night."

    "Yeah, duh! I'm alive!"

    "But that is impossible, preposterous and unheard of! So we opted for the second possibility, that Stitch hacked Modbot to survive Night 1!"


    "So we should modkill Stitch here and now instead of actually checking the action logs."

    "Wait, why don't you do that? You could ju-"


    SilverFlute was eliminated. She was Stitch, a Vanilla Town.

    I'm running out of jokes, seriously need help rip lol ;-;
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#840)
    Not A Mafia Game: Day 3 Flavour

    "Awh, man. The modbot really killed Stitch. I wanted to troll him more about the time I made him and a bunch of other docs die to a mafia veteran," OPG said, quite heartlessly.

    Kart was visibly pissed. "That mafia veteran was too broke, dude. Really need the council to look at setups more before we get PTSD from a weirdo online game."

    "Yeah, we would, but what is the council doing with all this nafoa among us?" SilverFlute said.

    Dude remembered he was a council member and just said, "Hey, I'm rusty. I can't even find a single survivor" Icey took his eyes off his Pokemon cards for one second to say something about professional scum hunting that others wouldn't understand before yet again engaging in some heated argument with Marjam. Rad wanted to take a break and say AE OP AE OP for the whole night but he decided against it seeing the heat of the crowd. He gathered Brandon, who was getting fanboyed by some CoB worshippers, Snooks after convincing her to write a book later in the morning and the other council members, had a short discussion and then announced to the eagerly waiting crowd, "We will put more effort to hunt down the Nafoa. It is our job to kill the Nafoa so we can return to being a peaceful society without any hanging and trials...what?"

    Brandon whispered something into his ears. "Oh, okay," Rad said to him before facing the mob once again. "Okay, apparently everyone's still gonna keep lynching everyone after the Nafoa gets killed so ignore the last part. Anyway, now that I have concluded my commitment to hunt down the Nafoa, let me introduce my brand-new, 3000-word essay on why Brandon is a member of the Nafoa for being quite simply Brandon. First off-"

    "There they go at it again," CKB said, grabbing a bunch of popcorns and distributing it to others and taking a front seat view of this RvB. Little did they know, another conflict among the Council members was about to brew up which only a few would even witness and the details would remain forever blurry cause of the narrator's lack of creativity in writing flavours.

    Alpha came back panting. He couldn't make it to the crowd, but just shouted, "SNOOKS IS DEAD!!" loud enough for everyone, even Rad and Brandon to stop their discussions, speculations and meme-ings(the last part which is quite rare). A flummery of questions led to Alpha showing them the spot where he found Snooks' body already surrounded by a few other forumers, aside the very familiar Snooks book, which was now burnt beyond recognition.

    "What happened here?" Rad asked.

    Arius was the first to respond. "Well, we noticed Snooks was writing a case on someone so we grabbed some popcorn and started to watch. We didn't even see who she was going to use the case on. She just fell down, and two people ran in front and lit the book on fire. When we got to Snooks, she was already helpless."

    "Hmm, she fell...just like Daisy, huh?" Brandon said. "Did she leave any final words to you when you rushed to her?"

    Ninja said, "Well, I did hear something about rainbows. Probably some final words she wanted to leave to us, yah know?"

    A few of the crowd nodded. Suddenly someone spoke up from within.

    "OR," Cargo said, with a triumphant look on his face, "She was talking code, and by rainbow, she meant that cursed Chaos Rainbow game Icey hosted which made everyone mad and she was actually going to accuse Icey as a member of the Nafoa because only someone as sadistic enough to host a Chaos Rainbow could be a member of the Nafoa! YES, I CRACKED THE CASE!!!"

    Icey looked at Cargo before saying, "I was arguing with Marjam about Pokemon stuff the whole time. In front of you."

    "Hmm, that is true," Marjam said. "But it's Icey." She kept on going, "So we should just forget that he was with me the enitre time and assume he killed Snooks and kill him now."

    "Bu-but you don't even know if I'm town or nafoa." Icey protested.

    "Yeah, well," Kart said, "Who cares about logic when we can randomly kill people, right?"

    Icey just shook his head. He started to release his multiple air conditioners that was keeping him cool.

    "Icey, what are you doing?" Brandon asked.

    "Well," Icey said, "It's night, so you can't really lynch me now. So I'll just resign to my fate here and now. I'm a penguin so I'll probably just melt in this desert."

    "It's night-time, dude," Dude said. "No sun."

    "Oh, right. But who cares about logic? Maybe I'll just randomly die of a stroke while trying to unstrap thi- Dammit, get off." He paused and fell on the ground instanly. "Oh, $%#!, my life."

    "Nice last words, I guess."
    "Okie, good night, we'll see their roles in the morning I guess."
    "Yeah it's barely been an hour since day ended and everyone died already like some idiots."
    "Good night, everyone!"

    FaisMX died. He was Icey, a Nafoa Jailkeeper.

    DaisyCloud died. She was MommySnooks, a Town Bodyguard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1069)
    Not A Mafia Game: Night 3 Flavour

    As day light reached the desert land of MU once more, the people decided they would hold a funeral for the recently deceased Snooks and Icey. They should have done the same for the previous deaths too, but no one really cared about them. Also with Icey the Nafoa now dead, it was a good time to be racking up town cred cause it looked like the TvMers actually remembered how to scum hunt after 3 long days here.

    The occasion was intended to be short, in the hopes of town not losing their momentum by losing too much time. But well, Snooks died, and everyone attempted to imitate her to show some respect and decided they would each read out a Snooks book when called to speak. Of course, their books were pamphlets at best but still took a long time to go through, especially when coupled with the fact that all of their speeches were half-baked and straight up terrible. It would appear the narrator of this story shared his lack of creativity with most of his community. It took long 10 hours for everyone to pay their respects to Snooks. Hardly anyone did so to Icey due to two reasons. The first was that he was a member of the Nafoa, and the second, and perhaps the more relevant one was that, he was Icey. From the looks of it, it seemed perfectly reasonable to conclude that Marjam might as well have rallied up the entire TvMing community to finally end the debate of Marjam vs Icey by having them kill Icey and declare that Marjam was the superior one. Of course, that was not what had happened, because obviously Marjam is not the superior one despite what she might say, Icey was. Roleblocker claims and what not.

    OPG did come up to say a few words about Icey, and anyone who were hoping to finally hear some kind words from OPG had their dreams shattered when he loudly announced, "HELL YEAH! I FINALLY GET TO USE BIG BRO'S TINDER ACCOUNT." Cue some ewws and "Dude, what is wrong with you?"(Dude was really confused what was going on too) before OPG stepped off, eyes glued to his phone now.

    As the TvMers ended the funeral, some suggested to start up scum hunting again but no one really took initiative. Having spent the entirety of the morning and the better part of the afternoon speaking and sitting and standing, the fundamentals of TvMs, that is, without actually doing anything related to TvMs crushed everyone's spirits. Brandon took a glance at Rad, wondering if he was interested in continuing yesterday's attempts to lead town into nowhere again. But he understood that wouldn't happen when Rad fell to the ground and kept muttering music lyrics to himself. He was somehow being carried by Kart and CKB to a resting place while also managing to defile so many good songs in his half-dead condition. Brandon shrugged, put on his Halloween bunny costume(someone send me that pic tho pleaseeeeee) and decided to do a botched attempt at an RD by dragging Unknown over to a crowd. Unknown's grim stories only managed to put people in more of a sleepy trance.

    Evening was coming to an end as the sun started to slowly disappear. Hardly any votes were cast as the TvMers were struggling to even stand up, with most of them now just straight up lying on the ground. Where and how they had been sleeping in the MU desert prior to this will be left up to the readers' imagination, which the narrator knows to be much more effective than his own. As SilverFlute scrolled across the voting option in MU(which is hella good, as could be agreed by any sane person) and debating whether she'd just vote herself for the lols and add a random comment, as all students+forumers do nowadays(10/10 education system shoutout), she noticed an option called 'Sleep' next to her name. She tapped it without hesitation and told everyone, "Hey, guys, look. The Modbot will probably allow us to sleep if we vote for this. MU people probably don't ever sleep when spamming posts in Champs games." She squints her eyes at Alpha.

    Although DS and Alpha probably knew what the button actually did, they didn't even care. They'd already gone to sleep. Before anyone knew it, the Modbot announced that day would end soon, which prompted a long argument which ended with the bot finally explaining that Sleep meant no elimination and threw some weird anecdotes which only did a half-assed job at explaining why "Sleep" was better than a simple "No elimination", or even better, a "Yeetn't".

    Day 3 has ended without an elimination!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1070)
    Not A Mafia Game: Day 4 Flavour

    As everyone went to sleep early from all the hustle from the earlier day, all the people who didn't do any work at all started to do their usual nightly activities. After all, most of the TvMers had functioning brains only from 2 am. They knew no one really wanted to be woken up but they also didn't want to get randomly killed by a trigger-happy community for not having participated at all. So, they got together and decided to discuss the situation among themselves a bit. Of course, only like one-fifth of them had the intention of even scum hunting, whilst the others would simply nod along while checking up weird stuff n memes on reddit. Such is life.

    "Okay, guys," DarkSoul said. "We should actually do something now. I don't wanna be yeeted-"

    "Huh? Is it yeeted or yote?" Marjam asked.

    NoGuy scoffed. "It's obviously yeeted. Yote sounds weird."

    "Well, how about yoted? Meet in the middle, you know?" SF said.

    NoGuy shook his head. "That's even worse." There were sounds of approval among the crowd. Brandon was listening all along. To be truthful, he wanted to sleep. But he tagged along anyway cause he was suspecting someone among here stole his bunny outfit. Still, habit kicked in and he said, "How about we discuss actual TvM stuff? What is all this anyway?"

    DS laughed. "This is what we do now, Mr. Boomer. We discuss stuff like this until something half-assed but weirdly reasonable pops up and then we sit on a wagon until EOD. You should try doing it too!"

    "Pfft!" Brandon said. "I'd never do that. I, the scumlord? How dare you think I'll partici-"

    "Dude, you're already doing it," Marjam said. "You only came here because someone stole your bunny outfit. Don't worry, we can even discuss that if you like."

    Brandon paused and looked down.

    "....Yes, please."

    "Sweet!" OPG said. "Anyway, did any of you fluff rabbits hear of the comic me and my man Zyg are making? No? Alright, lemme tell you guys the back story. Okay, the heroes are Ender and Marjam, whose powers are-"

    Sup, Snooks' kid. Move away from here, OPG's comic literally cannot be filtered. I still wanna vomit. Thank you for being the scapegoat behind the reason why I don't want to explain Marjam's special powers.

    After throwing up and stuff, events finally started to happen. TJ was hanging around in the back, but he stepped up to stop OPG. That's when Brandon recognized a very distinct piece of cloth stuck to his cloth.


    TJ looked at him, confused from not having paid attention earlier until the details of OPG's world reeled him in. "What bunny?"

    "Hm, are you possibly faking ignorance?" Kart said, acting like the master scum hunter he is(n't).

    "He's probably just dumb," Alpha said.

    "Hey, I'm not dumb!" TJ protested. "Just"

    Brandon had already gathered a crowd with him. "Explain!" "Lynch him!" "Give me my bunny back!" intensified from different people of the crowd. As OPG moved forward to strike a blow, SF pointed out, "Hey, it's on OPG's back too."

    "What?" OPG said. "I didn't put it there."

    "That's what I've been saying," TJ said.

    "Damn, it's on my back too!" DS screamed.
    "Mine too!"
    "And mine!"
    "And Brandon's!"

    Brandon looked to his horror and saw that it was true. A part of the bunny costume had been stuck to everyone's back. "Who would do this? I swear I'll kill them. WHO WAS IT?"

    "Gee, Brandon," Marjam said. "I wonder whohas an age-long rivalry with you and would pull off a stunt exactly like this?"

    The entire crowd ooh'ed as they moved from their spot to where everyone was sleeping. "Wait, who is it?" Polarity asked, speaking for the first time after coming to MU, probably clueless from all the flavour and no doubt wondering what the hell he got himself into. He got his answer when everyone gathered in front of one person and Brandon screamed his name.


    "Geez, Brandon," Rad said in a groggy voice. "Go to sleep, I'll talk to you when I wake up at like, 11 in the morning."

    "Eyyy, kill that sweet boy! Make Master Brandon proud!" OPG said. Suddenly, people rushed in wearing weird masks which had the word 'COB' on them. Obviously, the cultists were using this opportunity to simp on Brandon hard. They carried Rad and brought him to an empty home. Rad still had no idea what was going on.

    "That's right, Rad!" Brandon said. "We're not gonna kill you. You're gonna do it to yourself. Because this house has access to only Justin Bieber's songs. And you have no choice but to listen to it for the next week. Or you could just jump out the window in front of you and- Oh, he jumped already, huh? Oh, well. Maybe I'll torture him later."

    Radiate died. He was Radiating, the Town Vigilante | Even Cycle.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1205)
    Not A Mafia Game: Night 4 Flavour

    Daylight shone over the small community once again. Everyone was energetic and filled with excitement and whatever weird stuff that gets people going. Other MU forumers still avoided them as they heard rumors of some nafoa still running around. Not to mention, these people also were...too interesting for their taste. Their activities couldn't even be monitored without emotional counseling because of all the awk stuff.

    "Wakey, wakey, little hamsters," OPG shouted. "We're gonna go through every one of you and we're gonna find the nafoa and cherish them with my unbounded affection. Hear that, you cuties?"

    Dude finally threw away his pitchfork. He announced that he'd shaken off his rust and was going to start contributing. As other...not-young players started to play and accuse each other cause of bs just like the good old days, it didn't take too long for the votes to reach a 13-way split.

    "Come on, join my wagon," Marjam addressed the TvMers. "Brandon is obviously scum. He literally tortured Rad for some cat."

    "It was Master Brandon's bunny costume," OPG said angrily. "And everyone should join my wagon on you."

    "Why should we?" Ninja asked.

    OPG gave him a confused look and said, "What does that matter? We're all going off our shoddy memories and the good ol' gut reads."

    "That's really not a good idea," Kart said. "But it's convenient as heck, and that's why I ask you guys to vote Daisy for the exact same reason!"

    "Dude, Daisy died trying to get you yeeted," said TJ.

    "Oh, right," Kart said, while the narrator failed to describe how everyone else around him facepalmed at the same time in quite an iconic manner.

    "How did you even vote Daisy?" Brandon said. "Her name got removed from the Modbot list 3 days ago."

    "Oh, I thought the error message was just a weird joke going on for the last two days," Kart replied.

    "We should lynch Brandon though," SF said. "He isn't voting, ergo, he's scum, ergo, I don't have to scumhunt. Trust me, it's totally not because I'm being lazy and don't want to scumhunt, I'm just too good."

    Brandon laughed. "Nice try. But today I've decided to do absolutely nothing and sheep whoever. It's really enjoyable. Why try when I can keep doing this the whole game and then claim a role when someone reasonably accuses me?" A few(well pretty much everyone) in the crowd agreed before they just split up the votes even more while randomly switching votes, each time giving the ultimate reasoning of "bad vibes", which is accurate af, now shut up.

    As day dragged on, with failed requests of extensions(which were extremely needed due to the slacking off during the past three cycles) and votecount spams(cause it's just that comfortable a system), the sun started to go under. As tradition is, someone shouted "CFD time!" and obviously voted someone who was anyone. Who cares that someone was confirmed masons with someone else? Ninja still ruthlessly led the CFD on them before he had to be dragged away by the same people who later voted up a Doctor claim, just cause.

    OPG was still maintaining his "cfd dumb and anyone doing them is a cupcake" stance, which obviously backfired when Kart piled up a ton of votes on him with the help of TownSheeps™. He said, "I'm Transporter. Take away these votes from me, my dearest community, your smartness baffles me that I speak words unprecedented to the narrator." He held his breath hoping no one notices that he didn't actually transport anyone.

    "Hmmm, lynch him anyway!" CKB said. "If he were really transporter, he would have gotten mafia to shoot themselves on Night 1, like well, always."

    "Isn't that just random though?" DarkSoul said.

    "No, it's completely valid because my gut says so," said Arius. "Just hammer him now so I can go sleep when the night comes."

    "Wait, guys, reconsider, please," OPG said.

    "Why?" asked Marjam.

    "Well, I still haven't finished my comic. Maybe I'll add you guys an- Huh, I really shouldn't have said that. Guess I'm a beautiful fluffy bunny too."

    JDS was eliminated, He was OPG, Nafoa Universal Backup | 1x Strongman => Nafoa Jailkeeper.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1206)
    Not A Mafia Game: Day 5 Flavour

    "Lay off of me already, dude!" Marjam said to Kart. "I was the one who got OPG yeeted so I deserve the towncred, not you!"

    Kart made a wheezing sound. "You barely pushed him! I led the greatest CFD on OPG in TvM history. I want the towncred because I did the work for it."

    Zyg interjected himself in the conversation, "I think you two asking for towncreds is a bit scu-"

    "Hah, what a noob," someone said from among the crowd that was gathering.

    "Come on, Marjam," Pixie said, grabbing her. "Let's talk about weeb stuff in the corner there."

    "Ooh, count me in," Asta said.

    "Not unless you tell me which forumer you are, Asta," Marjam said, looking back at him. "There's no way you researched every past game of our community in one(1) week."

    Asta sighed and walked away. The American TvMers did their sacred ritual of dressing as a bald eagle and trying to flap their wings while screeching really loudly. As SF and CKB walked past, they whispered something to each other and scoffed while looking at the adorable-ish giant birds. Brandon, the leader of this new Eagle cult, obviously selected for his past experience asked them why they were laughing.

    "I don't think any answer can explain that, Brawndo," SF said. "You guys just need a big mirror to look at."

    "Well, you guys aren't that swell either," Alpha said, trying to puff his chest like the eagle in that Angry Birds movie. (You guys watched it? No? Okay...). "Ninja is literally hanging upside down."

    " No' ʎon ƃnʎs ɐɹǝ ʇɥǝ ouǝs ʇɥɐʇ,s ndsᴉpǝ poʍu," said Ninja. "Mǝ po ʇɥᴉs ʇo ɹǝɯǝɯqǝɹ onɹ ɟɐᴉlǝp ʍɐɹ ɔɐɯɐdɐᴉƃu ɐƃɐᴉusʇ ʇɥǝ Wᴉƃɥʇʎ Ǝɯn ǝɯdᴉɹǝ' ʍɥo pǝɟǝɐʇǝp ns nuɟɐᴉɹlʎ."

    "The Emus were bird, Ninja. There's no excuse for losing a war to birds," DS said.

    "sɥnppɐd' ɯɐʇǝ˙ ʎɐ,ʌǝ uo ᴉpǝɐ oɟ onɹ sʇɹnƃƃlǝs ɥǝɹǝ' po ʎɐ¿ oɟ ɔonɹsǝ uoʇ' ʎɐɥ pnuuɐǝ ɐuʎʇɥᴉu, qonʇ ns," Ninja said, before going back to his routine, along with Mich.

    It was a late nighter once again, but all for their various reasons. No one really cared about the Nafoa anymore, they'd heard that Thingyman was upgrading Smirk Nation to a better area than this desert. Turns out Rad's death actually got some work done in the town after he'd "failed" to convince Thingy previously. Everyone was probably doing sketchy stuff on the internet. Normally, it's weird, but when it's an entire village, they just decided to never talk about it again once the night was over. Of course, there were the weird memes still rolling in at night, which could never be removed from the memory of mankind. Even the Modbot had to put in a censor mode as its sentience was alarmingly growing.

    As the day eventually began to start up, the Modbot noticed something weird. It had been checking whether or not people had been alive by having them do a headcount each day. Today, the number was same. That means nobody died, but it had resolved the actions for last night and knew someone had been targetted to die by the nafoa people. As it checked for earlier headcounts, it noticed someone had entered their name in a weird language.

    "Who is Nᴉuɾɐ?"

    "Looks upside down."
    "Hold up, it's..."
    "Ha, it's Ninja!"

    The people went to wake Ninja up from the tree he was hanging down from. They found him there, but couldn't get him to wake up.

    "Yeah, he's dead. Thanks for finding the body. K bye!"

    CometSmudge has died. He was NinjaWarrior, 3-Shot Town Tracker!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1314)
    Not A Mafia Game: Night 5 Flavour

    "Come on, Cargo, host a Camp Cargo!" the forumers pleaded.

    Cargo shook his head. "No, I can't do that."

    "Bro, are you still scared of getting banned while hosting a game?"

    "Wh- No! We're up against the Nafoa, we need to focus on that now. Who knows how long this crazy guy is gonna make us keep playing his twisted games?"

    DarkSoul asked, "What makes you think he's crazy? Maybe he's intellectual."

    Alpha patted down the nugget's head. "The dude really introduced a faction called Nafoa cause he didn't want to change the name of the game. I'd say he's crazy." DS looked flushed <for reasons that will remain secret>.

    "Anyway," Brandon said, drawing everyone's attention, "Cargo is right. We should kill the Nafoa as soon as we can. Our shift to a better area on MU is gonna be tomorrow. Since all of us are undoubtedly lazy packers, we might as well make use of today to do some scum hunting."

    "B-but, camp cargo?" Marjam said.

    Brandon looked at her blankly. "No, Marjam, TvMing."

    "We don't really scum hunt though," Cal said. "How long are we going to keep voting random people?"

    "As long as we can," Brandon said, triumphantly flashing a smile.

    Creeps came forward. "Since we're going to do nothing productive anyway, we might as well decide who gets eliminated through the Camp Cargo. We can figure out something or other."

    "Hmmm," Brandon put on a look as if he were thinking with a brain. "That does sound appealing. Okay, since Cargo won't host, I'll host the CC. Huh, this all seems too familiar..."

    "Eyyy, let's go!!!" The forumers spread out to their belongings, preparing for the CC.

    It took about an hour for everyone to get ready. Of course, there were like 12-or-something hours left in the day, so hosting a CC with everyone was impossible. Brandon did the old RNG trick of pretending to randomize who were going to the CC. Anyone looking at Brandon's vote history would have realized he put all his scum reads to play in the CC, and to get killed. Hopefully.

    "Okay, the rules are simple. You know how a CC works. The map is going to be, well, this area. Just throw a stick at someone if you want to kill them. We'll have voting phases, and well, everything else is up to you. Everyone but the winner will be voted up by us and then whoever is eliminated is...eliminated, I guess. We end the game in 12 hours from now. Good luck!" Brandon looked at the people spectating. "Alright, let's go hide in a place. Last time, one of these guys lit an entire forest on fire. Who knows what's gonna happen this time?"

    The contestants started their crazy game. One person had stolen all the sticks nearby. A huge bonfire was going on in front of Marjam's tent. Dude was waving around his pitchfork like a sword, a technique which he claimed to have "a special effect on neutral people." Ash was curling up gathering static electricity or whatever stuff an electric mouse normally did. Arius had decided to fly up high right after Brandon announced the start and now was nowhere in sight. Other contestants decided to ally, backstab, the usual.

    All sorts of creativity was being seen. Did you know it was possible to kill someone with a bag of sand? Me, either, until I decided to write it! Poisoned water, burning tents, shapeshifting porcupines, pineapple pizza, all the brutality and violence appeared in the sacred land of MU that day. Through numerous murdering, voting and needless dramatics flared up by Brandon during his announcements, Marjam was the last one standing. As she attempted to claim her victory by standing over Kart, which served as quite a good podium, Brandon shifted through his pages and said, "Wait, we're missing somebody."

    "Huh? There's still one more?" Marjam sighed and brought out her sword-gun-armor hybrid.

    "It's..." Brandon looked around. "Where is Arius?"

    "He flew up at the start, is he hiding now?" The crowd oooh'ed in anticipation.

    But nothing was happening.

    "Hey, it's Modbot, look!" SF said.
    "Who is it carrying?"

    The Modbot stopped in front of the crowd. "I assume this is your friend," it said, pointing at Arius' body.

    "We noticed an unusual sound coming from the, well, sky. It was a 'caw' sounding repeating over and over again. Of course, we knew it was probably a cry for help, and so, after procrastinating for 3 hours after the origin of the sound, I came to the source. I'm afraid he had already passed out by then. Turns out he tried to go past the atmosphere render here., Poor birdie."

    "Well, I guess that's our elimination for today? He straight up died during the game, rip," CKB said.

    The crowd more or less agreed and the bot understood their approval and started up the final night.

    Spartan057 was eliminated. He was Arius, Vanilla Town.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soulz (#1315)
    Not A Mafia Game: Day 6 Flavour

    It's a huge group of people. Some people converse and focus on walking at the very front of the group.

    "Wooo! Let's go!" Brandon shouted enthusiastically.

    "I'm gonna cut your tongue off," Marjam said. "Whose idea was it to walk all the times we needed to change to some stupid place in MU?"

    "Walking is real good, though," Kart said. "Of course, I don't know much about that. i just roll, baby." Kart went on his way faster than his companions. Marjam considered throwing a rock at him but decided it'd be easier to keep complaining to Brandon about the lengthy walk. After all, it'd been 5 minutes since they started their journey.

    Alpha raised his hand. "So where are we going anyway?"

    "It's some spooky place or something," Brandon said. "Mind you, Thingy did say it wasn't gonna be much better but it was apparently better than the desert area and we'd have a pleasant or unpleasant surprise coming for us, depending on how much of a civilized people we are."

    Brandon stopped and looked back at his fellow TvMers. He took a deep breath and noticed every activities of all the people with his eyes. Every activities. "Yeah, I think we're gonna lean on the unpleasant side here, bud."

    It's near the back of the group. They managed to forget about today being the day they leave until everyone but them had departed already. Nevertheless, they mainly focus on lol'ing around and taking the longest time possible to make a single step.

    SilverFlute grunted. "Zyg, at least try not to be the last person out of like 50 people walking." She turned around and kept walking while others decided to pile on Zyg.

    "Why the heck are you taking that long? You started a good ten minutes ahead of us too!" CKB said.

    "I'm just thinking," Zyg said. "If we didn't have that dumb forum funeral that day, we sure as hell wouldn't have found Math. So would they have killed Math or not? Hm, maybe, who knows? Ah, i'm thinking too fast. There was also Rad who trotted in real late and said we were gonna go to MU. Of course, a dumb choice and somehow everyone agreed to move out here and delayed the process of hunting the Nafoa. Logically, what that does tell us? Would we have found the Nafoa already if we stayed back? Or would we have taken eve longer? Then again, we also need to remember all the-"

    "Dude," said Dude.

    "-weird forumer conventions too. Oh, yeah, what, Dude?"

    "We're the only two in the back. Everyone else ditched you because no one cares and this pitchfork is heavy af."

    Zyg sighed, seeing that the others were considerably ahead. "Let me help carrying the pitchfork."

    "Took you long enough!" Dude said. "Ugh, young people these days..." He kept saying like a true boomer/TvMer/Survivor Hunter.

    As they eventually caught up, DarkSoul called out Zyg. "Hey, maybe save the rambling for when we beat the Nafoa up? You know, like all those defeat songs you make up and sing when you lost? Yeah, do that."

    Zyg got flustered. He opened his mouth to say something but DS kept going. "Oh, of course, if you're the Nafoa, you can't actually sing a song? Hm, maybe you could pass on my regards to your scumbuddies?"(only time i can say it to zyg :c)

    As Zyg was about to launch a 3000-word death threat to DS which would undoubtedly make great strides in the meme department, CKB noticed something from the front of the group. "They want us to camp here for the night, cool." All the TvMers packed up and placed tents. There was a lot of sharing. They lost three quarters of the tents when they shared the last time walking to the desert area too.

    Dinner and stuff went by quite quickly. Everyone just grabbed stuff and walked away. As everyone was about to do something between turn in, and pretend to turn in so as to convince everyone they aren't just owls in the guise of people, Kart's sudden screaming stopped everyone in their tracks.

    He said to DS, "What didja sayyyy? Did you just claim Escort to me? AGAIN?? YOU AND ICEY MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN AWAY FROM ME LAST TIME BUT NOW I'M GONNA KILL YOU."

    "cHill," said Lord Brandon, which compelled Kart. "Whassup?"

    "He's a mafia consort claiming escort, I'm sure of it. Kill him, KILL HIM BEFORE HE MAKES ALL THE MEMORIES COME BAC-HEHGASFHAVAHEGAHBEFYGE"

    "Bruh," said DS.

    Jim walked forward. "Okay, let's settle this. DS, what are you?"

    "I am Innocent Child, the MU version of Mayor. I-"

    "DID SOMEONE SAY MAFIA MAYOR?" The ghost of Rad spoke through everyone.

    "Haha," SF said. "He's Mafia Mayor again. Guess we'll kill him like last time too. You picked the wrong paranoid and PTSD-based community to mess with!" She pointed at DS who was already shaking his head.

    "Come o-"

    "Okay, everyone, carry DS and throw him to the fire!" Brandon said.

    "Wha- sigh, I write weird flavour for you guys for two weeks and now- ooh, I'm hot!"

    N1NJ4W4RR10R died last night. He was DarkSoul, Town Innocent Child.
    Not A Mafia Game: Conclusion

    "...WHAT IS THIS???!!!!!"

    Brandon stood there with his mouth open as everyone else screamed out. The new place for the TvMers was going to be...the graveyard. Well, the part just next to it, that is. All the dead mafia players come around here, apparently.


    "Hey, at least, we won't have to know, inside there." George said, trying to salvage the situation.

    "Screw that," Kart said. "I'm not going to stay here, man."

    Alpha agreed. "Me either, but...well-"

    "But what?" asked Kart.

    "Well, my legs don't work after a whole day of walking. Might as well stay here a while. At least until we figure out the whole Nafoa business too."

    "I agree," noGuy said. The forumers spread out to choose where they'd each camp, which led to a very obvious problem. Some had to sleep very close to the graveyard walls so the others could stay away. Funny social experiment when everyone there was more or less afraid of human contact, let alone, ghosts of dead Mafia players. They were killed for one single reason - posting long af books. No one wanted to hear mafia theories with respect to psychology and behavioural science in order to...yeah, I'm lost too. No one needs that stuff after being used to a mafia style based on weak memories, you know?

    It took a fair amount of mutual understanding and well-being, and an alarming amount of rock-paper-scissor games with calls of games being rigged, attempts to quickhammer anyone that disagreed as well as the usual epiphanies of people that made them realize sleeping next to a creepy graveyard would be a good display of showing bravery at the cost of soiling themselves. No toilet papers, man(or toilets for that matter now that I think on the subject at 1 am). The pandemic didn't reach here yet.

    "Okay, town, now that we're all settled," Brandon said, putting up his slimy look with his smile, "We should actually get to killing all the Nafoa quickly. I've changed my mind about that stupid funeral, I'm gonna establish the Mafia in MU. Hmm, should be good."

    One of the people wearing a bunny suit raised their hand. "B-but, what about the Ch-Church of Brandon, oh great Lord?"

    "Ehhh, yeah, no. I've done too much conversions in my life." Brandon continued in a low voice, "Certainly don't wanna make any more of you after all.

    Dude stood up. "Alright, alright. I suppose we should put in some effort. I don't have a feeling there's a lot of them left."

    "How do you know that?" Marjam asked.

    "Yeah, the higher being talks to me. He's getting bored and high. End it all soon, blah blah blah. He said there were no Survivors here too. I feel good for him but damn, I miss hunting them down."

    As yet another wave of scum hunting and TvMing started, everything seemed much more focused today. Not essentially all the players playing. Sure, they're good. They've come a long way and these past few days did surprise a bunch of boomers people. Nah, the community was good in general. Anyone would be lucky to play with them. They were...special. Hmmm. Oh, well, back to making fun of them.

    "Okay, good townies," Brandon said. 'Recently, I have learned of a new TvM term. It is called CFD, something I now know to be a Chinese Fire Drill after not having asked the question for a whole week. I know you have mixed opinions about it, but I only have one thing to say about. IT'S FRICKING AWESOME FOLLOW ME TOWN WE'RE GONN-"

    "Shuddap and lynch Alpha already," Kart says, addressing Brandon, who was practicing his speech in front of a mirror.

    "Bro, how'd you get here? Ack, never mind. What did Alpha do?"

    "What does he need to do? I saw votes and piled on."

    Brandon sighed and went out. Alpha was surrounded by quite an angry crowd. Which is to say, everyone but him.

    "Hey, hey, chill, guys! What's up?"

    Ash came panting to Brandon. "I looked through his stuff and- Here, look at this." He handed a bunch of papers to Brandon. "What is this?" The latter asked.

    "It's none of your business," Alpha shouted out, seething in rage.

    "He's made plans for weird games, Brandon," CKB said. "By the name of Guto, I shuddered when I saw his poisonous ideas. 4 mafia factions, modified Chaos Rainbows, multiple mayors, an all hidden miller town!"

    Polarity also added on. "Yeah, I'm a completely legit NK immune Town Consig, and Alpha came up scary as heck!"

    "Vote him already, Brandon," Kart said. "He needs to be ridded from this world."

    Alpha protested. "Come on, we can talk this through. We need to take care of the Nafoa first. And I promise to not host those-"


    Brandon stepped in front. He placed his hand on his chin as if he were thinking like an intelligent species. "Yeah, kill him, I guess."

    Votes piled on. The Modbot came forward to announce his death.

    Polarity was eliminated. He was Alpha, Nafoa Full Cop | Odd Cycle.

    "Oh, lucky hit." SilverFlute said.

    The town cheered as people bragged about their scum hunting skills which were displayed in one(1) post of voting Alpha. Suddenly, they heard noises from the graveyard.

    "Oh no."
    "They dead are here!"

    The forumers also scrambled until they noticed it was their dead companions coming back.

    "Huh, didn't we kill you all?"

    "It's an online game, buddy. The bot brought us back. Chill out. Enjoy this random YouTube link."

    "Although, I do agree on running from this beautiful, fair place. I wonder what made you wonderful-hearted people to even consider coming here."

    "yes, brandon pulled off a big dumb-dumb when we were gone. we gotta teach him some manners. u guys help me out too!"

    "< typing...>"

    "Welp," Brandon said. "I guess we should head back to Smirkville now. No worries, I'll test out my CFD skills there."

    "Hey, CFDs are bad!" One of the dead said.

    "Sure, buddy." Another replied with a smirk.

    "AE OP AE OP AE OP shut up ds AE OP AE OP AE OP AE OP....


    Well, if I haven't, thanks for whoever complimented the flavours on Discord while the game was going on :^) This was peak, my next game will probably be random cat pics

    Spartan, thanks for the sub and not noticing it was a partnered community

    I don't remember if I said this on Discord or not. Anyway, well played to all sides. Definitely couldn't say any of the sides deserved to lose or something. (Yeah, you aren't getting compliments, sorry not sorry. Be sure to do From:Radiating in the spec discord though if you're town). Anyway, in one word, this game for me-

    Yeah we all made Gru memes. Yes, Ik the setup wasn't the best lol.

    blah blah blah thanks for playing guys. Definitely feel like MU is good for us. Glad I could be the first to host here for our community.

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    Not that I wouldn't sub if I knew it was a partnered community I just didn't know whether I was actually allowed to sub lol

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