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Thread: [Continuous] Corrupt-A-Wish

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    [Continuous] Corrupt-A-Wish

    Original thread hosted by emperor1212. This game follows the two post cooldown rule: once you post, you must wait until two other users post to post again.

    Corrupt-a-wish is a somewhat well known forum game.
    The first poster makes a wish. The second poster grants the wish and adds a funny/ironic consequence to that wish before posting their own wish.


    Player 1: I wish I was the most beautiful person on Earth.
    Player 2: Granted, but all the plastic surgery you needed has driven you deep into debt.
    I wish I was immortal.
    Player 3: Granted, but nuclear war breaks out soon afterwards, forcing you to live in a barren wasteland.
    I wish I had a billion dollars.

    I'll start things off.

    I wish I could play basketball as good as Michael Jordan.
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    Granted: Michael Jordan's skill level drops suddenly to match your current skill in basketball

    I wish I had a cookie

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    granted, but you may not begin to eat the cookie or else you wouldn't have it any more, violating intergalactic wish causality laws and signing your death warrant

    i wish i had a second chance at living a happy life with all i now know

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