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Thread: We really need to stop using the word "$%#!" as a pejorative

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    Quote Originally Posted by silmarils (#148)
    Quote Originally Posted by ondine (#145)
    Could we get back on topic please? Enough.
    I agree we should go back to yelling at the mods for missing a no-no word even though they work for free and are human beings who make mistakes and have the audacity to go live their lives at points. Hmmm, maybe we should start paying them actually I’m seeing some retail resemblances and based on the reaction times people are expecting it’s basically a second job

    Regarding actual topic: Add a$&? to f$&@%! l%!?, use the big ol Report Button when someones being a butthole and makes you read words with your own eyes and you aren’t emotionally equipped to handle it, don’t harass people and troll the thread because as entertaining as it is it’s not exactly helpful, remember it’s rona and a lot of people are having a bad time and are making crazy decisions they otherwise wouldn’t because they’re bored and stressed out of their minds so try to have some empathy, we’re all having a pretty crap time right now you don’t need to make it worse. Like yeah I know it sounds ridiculous but even if it gets banned it’s just a word on a random mafia site, it’s not the end of the world either way
    Yeah, suggesting people aren't emotionally equipped to read the word, great. What exactly do you get out of implicitly demeaning and insulting the people bothered by this?
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    Hi. Going to be locking this thread now.

    Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion on this matter; the feedback we've received here is more than enough to spark internal discussion and reach a conclusion. We'll be determining how we want to proceed regarding this issue and make a statement sometime in the next couple of days.

    Further opinions on this matter should be brought directly to me/a moderator (i.e. please don't make another thread about it).
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    Update: moving forward, we'll be working to phase usage of the term "$%#!" as a pejorative out of MU!

    To be clear, it will be made clear to those who make further instances of the term that their usage needs to cease, though the usage of this term has been ingrained in many users long enough that accidentally using the term despite trying not to won't get you immediately permabanned!!

    We do expect all users to extend understanding and work together on this, regardless!
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