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Thread: Season 7, Semifinals 1: Universe City Nights [The Mafia Championship]

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    TK and Roro scumming had to be delightful. I slightly regret being busy elsewhere.
    Dya vs. Silverkeith for finals tbh.

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    Despite reassurances from @Ash Lael I believe there is a dangerous situation that must be brought to everyone's attention.

    In qualifier five Modbot clearly demonstrated his worthiness, and should have advanced. I believe that the embittered Modbot has now been enlisted by Skynet, and is disrupting the tournament by doing false flips. Carlos, in my estimation, was clearly a wolf here. Ash tried to convince me differently, but I refused his arguments. It is possible that with his computerlike mind he too has joined forces with Skynet and has revealed access to too much information. Be careful. Do not rely on Modbot. And do not bet against Ash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralHankerchief (#9136)
    The annals of spectator chat
    Had quite a few big bets
    But winning in the later rounds
    Is one of our great gets
    It's no surprise that this contest
    Set marks for wagers had
    Including those who didn't read
    (Which is really kinda sad)

    The hero of this nascent tale
    Is one of the good guys
    Unlike a few of us in spec
    The game thread's in his eyes
    He sifted through the full amount
    Of all of this game's posts
    Until his reads were just as good
    As Amy's, the game's host

    Armed with the knowledge of the game
    Our hero knew the land
    And when his view was challenged hence
    He knew to take a stand
    When I came in with zero cred
    With full intent to chide
    The rest of us for their poor reads:
    "Now this I can't abide!"

    The matter of our Holyflare's
    Alignment was in doubt
    Especially when wolfread by
    Someone with so much clout
    Our hero, though, knew better than
    To be this pushed around
    "You see," he said, "I've read this game
    And know our man is town!"

    "I've put the needed effort in
    I've fully read this game
    I'm sticking to my deepest reads
    Regardless of your fame!"
    The villain, who was undeterred
    (who, by the way, is me)
    He made his read off hope and prayer
    And rather cockily

    There comes a time when all of us
    Are put into our place
    When Lady Fate forsakes us all
    And demands we lose with grace
    The deepest truth is Holyflare
    Was obviously town
    And @Ash Lael showed us anyone
    Who thought not is a clown.
    So, I was scrolling through this thread and reading the aftermath. I expected to maybe see a few mediocre comments, pointless thoughts, and other filler. Instead, I stumbled upon a glorious piece of writing. The first sign was the username: GeneralHankerchief. I knew him as a great writer, but even I did not expect to find such a work of art. The second indication was the formatting. A neat arrangement of six stanzas, with eight lines in each. This was clearly not any ordinary piece of writing. Finally, having absorbed the beauty of the structure, I began reading. The rhyme structure was complex and deep. The theming was delightful. The humor was impeccable. It was even better than I ever could have imagined.

    As I read on, the threads interwove. A compelling story appeared, with all the elements of a tale that would go down in history. Humor, tragedy, and beauty were etched deep into the poem. This was not the mere result of some lost bet, it was a work that came from the soul. A work that showed his true feelings. A work that literary greats would dream of making. It became evident to me that GeneralHankerchief had chosen to lose this bet. The reward of writing this poem was so sweet that he forced himself to make the worst bet possible, just so he would have the excuse to write his masterpiece.

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    Can we talk about how every member of scum was a trap? They're exactly the kind of players you keep wanting to yeet, but feel like your just equating playstyle to scumminess.

    This is why sometimes, you just vote for the trap early.

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    psycho, your misyeet hurt me so much, because i misyeeted you in a very similar way before
    in general this game hurt me a lot, because town was trying hard across the board but just kept going after fellow villagers
    gg wolves but i sympathize with the village

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