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Thread: GDS Barebones 5 Mafia(The Revival #2 July 2020)

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    I enjoyed being back in a game.

    My first action was to target Arrows. I know in GDS he's usually a night 1 target along with Derek for like 20 abilities. So I figured if I could keep him safe.

    Then I saw a single kill, and I started to question it...but wanted to leave it alone.

    Being jailed night two messed with my head. Getting the result I did of no activity around Luke and him saying he went out...I was happy I thought I had a lead on a scummy eprson. I didn't really trust him going into the nigh, which is why I chose him. Too bad it ddin't help at all.

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    Yeah, sorry about that MLT. I misread you a bit the day phase before and felt like some of your words to Emark were coming off like you knew he was a townie that was going to end up lynched. Hence why I jailed you and the whole confusion with Lukess the next day.

    When I got on and saw the back and forth, I tried to dispel it with this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by TooSweetSpartan (#336)
    Quote Originally Posted by MLT (#302)
    Quote Originally Posted by SometimesSomeone (#300)
    Quote Originally Posted by lukess1 (#298)
    I see now. I'll put it out there. I'm a JOAT too. N1 I watched Destiny and N2 I protected Rev.


    I see no reason not to trust the guy that first admitted he had the same role as someone else. Dunno how mafia would've known to make that play.
    My result says he didn't go out. So why the lie?
    Understand/agree with the prevailing theory that has been getting thrown around. That is what is causing this MLT/Lukess miscommunication. Hopefully that's enough said on that and we can move on.

    As far as this game, enjoyed playing again. Mafia was fun! Disappointed not to come out with the win, especially when I was feeling pretty positive about town's chances during the day phase but that's the breaks. If we had a little more luck on our side, I think this one could've turned out different.

    But regardless, congrats to the Scum Team for playing a great game and winning against town without any deaths on your side.

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