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Thread: [FlashFlashRevolution]: [Survivor] [16-20] [Elimination]

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    [FlashFlashRevolution]: [Survivor] [16-20] [Elimination]

    ((Currently need 2-3 players))

    Website: [
    Game Host: Xiz
    Game Type: Open Game
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 24 hours
    Expected Number of Players: [16-20]
    Lynch Mechanics: Hidden Vote
    Role Reveals Upon Death: N/A
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): Yes
    Bastard Game: No

    - Game is flavored around Survivor
    - Everyone is a wolf
    - All out of thread talk, voice/video chat, private chats are on
    - All votes are hidden. 1 vote per phase. No vote changing, no in-thread voting. Majority rules. (All votes will be collected via discord PM)
    - Players can create any fake content they desire for an advantage, however all content/posts/rules by Xiz are law.


    Challenge Phase: At the beginning of the phase, a mini-game will happen at random, all participants are welcome to enter to fight for themselves / team. The prize is typically an immunity image, where the team or individual who wins the challenge will be immune to votes during tribal council.

    Voting Phase: At 9:00pm server time, Day challenge time limit ends*. 00:59 good, 00:00 bad. Voting will commence during this hour. ALL Out of thread talk is turned off.** Only votes during this hour will be counted. If the player is unable to be present, their vote will be considered a self vote.

    * If nobody wins the challenge, the team/individual with the highest completion % will win.
    ** If any player breaks this rule, the receiving party(s) can send this to the host, immediately removing the rule breaker from the game.

    Idol Phase: At 9:50pm server, votes will be closed. 00:59 good, 00:00 bad. During these 10 minutes before the hour, any hidden immunity can be played. Only immunity idols posted in the game thread will count during this time frame.

    Night Phase: At 10:00pm server, Hidden Idol’s can no longer be played. Votes will be tallied, most votes will determine who is eliminated. Only after the elimination is posted by the host can players resume OOTT.

    Game Advantages:

    - Players are allowed to create any advantage they desire once player signups are posted. This includes (but is not limited to) recruiting friends, creating secret chat rooms, creating false idols, manipulating angle-shooting, etc.

    - There could be hidden idols once player signups are posted. It is up to you, or your friends to find them. If a hidden idol is found, you may redeem it my messaging Xiz over discord. \

    - If you are eliminated, there is a chance you can rejoin the other players.


    Starts in the next day or two. (On average) One elimination per phase, around 16-20 days long
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