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Thread: Information-prerogativist minority vs self-teaching majority; mouse-only

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    Information-prerogativist minority vs self-teaching majority; mouse-only


    If your /in depends on there being fancypants roles and there's no other way to fill this (without you), I can be bothered to delegate a couple of percentages of my cognition to probe the awesomesphere and dig up what it is that would make sense in that regard; as it stands this game is more about storytelling. Nothing comes even remotely close to this setup and flavor in terms of wtf —you'll have to trust me; for now, and try hard to convince yourself when we begin unraveling the mystery of the 420lluminati, because neither you nor I may use a physical keyboard.

    Manually run, for extra strain

    Set to start on October 19th, 10 PM, GMT
    Set to end on November 3rd, 10 PM, GMT
    Features 3 × (4-day-long dayphases + 20-hour nightphases + 4-hour buffer) = 15-day-long game

    Victory via proficient voting & mafia team identity deduction (experimental). Come the end of the 3rd nightphase, if there are more correct guesses as to the identity of the mafia from alive townies than there are mafiosi left, then the winners are the 4 townies with the highest score:
    End-of-Dayphase-voting for Mafia: + [(# of Townies alive — 1) / # of Mafiosi alive] points
    EoD mis-voting: —1 point
    —0.42 points per EoD not voting
    + 3 points
    if guessed correctly; (RIP notwithstanding)
    Otherwise only the top townie wins, along with the 3 mafiosi. There can be only 4 winners.

    All-vanilla / "mountainous" (may be subject to change)
    Mafia can talk in the private thread / however they want, all throughout.
    The most-voted player (earliest, in the case of a tie) will be eliminated at the end of the dayphase.
    "Extra, extra! Revolution: Host punishes the persistence of ignorance by deciding the nightkill" (experimental)

    Quote Originally Posted by fwogcarf (#4)
    i still don't know what this is even after reading the explanation
    suspected of being a The_Templar or/and darthfoley or/and vOdToasT &/ BigFan alt.

    Tutorial game to start in ~40 minutes. Further inquiry welcome till N0.

    Important Update: Signup thread has overcome the hurdle of censorship and is now accepting /ins
    Re: Gimme some tips
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas
    Quote Originally Posted by Race Bannon
    Apparently I need some tips on how to create a signup thread for my game. is not performing as intended,
    seeing as how it's not accessible/approved(?), let alone booming with interest.

    Personally I kind of liked the draft, though, so I thought maybe you could help with just
    getting it to function, for now.
    Yeah we just need to approve it. I saw it but had just assumed someone else was going to msg u about it. We try to leave it up to the host but I think it would be important to be a little more clear about what the game actually is? Include the starting day & time, how long thr phases are, how many players etc. Make that expressly clear, bc i didnt see that when i read through it

    Thought it was about time for a 10-out-of-10 game so I chose the starting date accordingly
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquilla (#311)
    Quote Originally Posted by Race Bannon (#302)
    Information-prerogativist minority vs self-teaching majority; mouse-only
    13 Players
    96/20h (4 hours of closed-thread nothingness, preemptive buffering)
    Manual Experimental

    Experience: I have completed playing an on-site game, enjoying a clear record when it comes to offenses. However it is important for the flavor that I use this account. If it can't be helped (my joining date doesn't suffice to give me the benefit of doubt) I will prove it, upon request, in hope for discretion.
    @Race Bannon that slot isn't open, could you go for the following week 10/19 instead?
    .. aight, whatevs. But lo and behold!
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas
    Could you just DM me who you are on your main account and I'll confirm that you have played a game? I'll keep my lips sealed, just important that we double check because there are people out there that would do this and host a game just to ruin it
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquilla (#314)
    Quote Originally Posted by Race Bannon (#312)
    what about the light/basic cat? I mean it's the honor system —so no guarantees ppl will comply— but the rule states "mouse-only", so only a masochist would write volluminously using-point-and-clicks on the on-screen keyboard. Otherwise I'll take the next-proximal timeslot, yes. Please confirm that you need my alt account's identity. Thingyman should remember my involvement in promoting his events off-site.
    i've double checked that it's not anyone banned, so you're good beyond that. Week of 10/19 is the earliest possible so will slot you in there.

    an important part of the mystery remains conveniently concealed

    I'll start telling you how and wherefrom to approach familiarizing yourself with a forum mafia meta saga I've been actively involved in, itching to put a report of to e-page for years, and never encountered a precedent for, in an attempt to galvanize an obsession, a compulsion to find out what the hell and how it could be for what happened to have happen. With your survival on the line, you will tell its story back to me, as if you're writing a spoilers-laden résumé of a book.

    This thing involves multiple on-site and off-site mafia championships, 3 other forum mafia portals, one non-streaming but hella busy viewing, chatting and writing stuff on its profile page channel, a bunch of general life-affirming philosophy and philosophy on how mafia is ideally supposed to be played for the sake of being worthwhile and whatnot.. A LOT.

    Listen, you will get offed, come dawn, if you're misunderstanding it, or even feign to misunderstand it too much. If my subjective take on who the weakest torchbearer to shine light on my mysterious shiznit is got you singled out you're donezo, whether town or a part of the scum trio (you can AMA and I'll try to provide competent and honest replies promptly, in the latter case}.
    Last edited by Race Bannon; October 10th, 2020 at 05:26 AM. Reason: Outlet (off-site tutorial) game scheduled to start in 40 minutes detected

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllHailHydroGod on January 05 2014 05:18 AM (#20)
    Philosophical question: If you assume that the ensemble of cognitive processes that make up your current state of mind can be abstractly/metaphorically equated to being seated, what state of mind could dancing be equated to?
    Hosting / playing in this game.

    Let me add that I'm not asking you to get excited about past forum mafia games strangers played in. The information that the minority are being tutored on-demand to assimilate —and the majority of you are invited to intuit— consists solely of good bits; constructive and consequential.

    Not sure yet what I will deliver as primer —for sharing my vast arsenal and wherewithal I gained via contemplating and searching, living this simple yet profoundly elegant, infinite in its aggregatory and reinventive capacity framework of gameplay and beyond— to all players each day & nightstart, but I mean to keep it real, compact, whole, fresh, reactive; a comfy base to venture out from towards realizing superlative value for our time congregating hither now, hopefully yonder later in the game thread, maybe even later still, courtesy of next iterations, synergy ahoy.

    Do away with the mundane! Be curious and let me present to you anchors we shall and ought to resort back to, snowballing our evaluation of past and present potential for superlative awesomeness, for our mutual pleasure and benefit, steadily raising standards, casting aside prejudice, disarming our and others' stupidity along the stroll —for what, pray tell, would be a more worthy yield of our investment?

    Let's find out. I, for one, am and always have been all ears when elusive whispers promise prospects of majestic manifestations, lavish dances of divinely social principles governing what we call mafia —in absence of agreement on a more inspiring nomenclature it, let me tell you, no doubt deserves.

    Should you doubt me, my eloquence, my drive —or tenacity in negating the potential depletion thereof— and sensibility to cater to your expectations in particular and what you consider relevant to our interaction look no further than the pagetop —I challenge you to name a more fitting song to be featured in a signup thread with regard to setting the mood for typing (or rather point-and clicking on the on-screen keyboard, which you can find in the start menu's control panel past the ease of access center, btw) that entrance-announcing incantation we know and love than the the-going-HAM-of-Slash-foregrounding instrumental of Give In To Me. For I dare plan to run this game without lapse in displaying the same level of competence inherent in choosing it.

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    Giving an example of a primer might be a good idea. Mmhhyes. Remember this leitmotif for unpacking and mapping out their extent and reach of relevance, first:

    you are prospectors for ways to showcase how cool mafia can be, mafiawesomenauts reporting back on the loot you found, well.. I found. ..You found when you were me, put it that way. You are Race Bannon, or whoever you want. Each of you will snowball a diary containing what you think is noteworthy and relevant to your make-believe capacity of agents for the concept of mafia, telling the history of how you or rather the associates-in-spirit featured in the primers and links emanating therefrom did a good PR job, made your client, forum mafia, look good, and/or why it would've been suboptimal any other way, conventional or not. Maybe add how it could've been arranged for it to prosper even more, then or even now. Highlight hidden synergies and/or unmask potential ones yet untapped into; know what I'm sayin'?

    "So.. mouse-only, should be fun. Let's get going."

    Gameplay-wise this manifests itself in the form of report-designated player-posts, snowball-edited along by way of posting in the gamethread —the OP of which features a tab for each player's diary I'll keep updating with the most recent draft, + a tab for the primer, related anecdotes and notes on how I made my choice to donezo a playa..

    Taking notice that at least two of the players, @Thor665 and @Mantisdreamz are MU-resident is good, but per se it would be an authoritative argument (the lowest in the hierarchy of sensible reason) as to why mafia is awesome, i.e. because they apparently like to play it.

    Resorting to comparing voice-forum-mafia with conference-call / video mafia, vouching for the low amount of stress-inducing prerequisites like undivided attention and imobility (pointing at Maestro to illustrate a point —how he was chilling in public, inconspicuously playing with no immediacy to get it right or maintain internet-access, etc.) arguing in favor of the former is better.

    What's best (obviously I don't take kindly to mafiosi asking me what would be good, better and best, though) is digging deeper, anthropomorphism, impersonation and roleplay in showcasing why, in this case, this particular video was made / chosen to serve as primer above everything else. But that's more feasible once you get a clearer picture later in the game, with more primers and your rivals' processing to incorporate in your analysis.

    Your quest forces decisions upon you, discarding and choosing optimally what elements should persist as you best-tailor your snowball along, maybe rehashing and re-prioritizing aspects of previously discarded material with every new revelation that favors such measures, until you have a satisfactorily substance-heavy, yet attractively compact product to showcase as your article- or book résumé.

    Gauging for a nerve to strike, a mafiosi may seek to take shortcuts once insecure of whether they're at risk of staying behind. That's what I'm here for, providing avenues to illuminate the web from other angles, but they'll have to backtrack from the juicy bounty and connect it retrospectively to the potential linearity that supposedly lead them to it. To begin expressing how cool that is, I pick this tune:

    Once a quasi-base level of understanding with max initiation is reached, and, thus, intricacy abounds, a host conversing with hooked mafiosi —drunk on the rush of having a cornucopia of insider frames of reference, feeling elevated to a higher dimension of interplay as the desired flow of information-processing kicks in— in the wolf PT, fast-forwarding eventuality hypothetically to have emanated from ruminating on how to handle said example of primer with their wincon in mind, might look something or nothing like ..
    Sighmon Adebisi: the fact that Loranthaceae is banned to this day IS part of the appeal?
    Race Bannon: the sprout that fed too obnoxiously on the sunlight meant to shine on Yggdrasil, throwing shade on existence and, thus, mafia is what's banned. Other sprouts are rather busy being Bannoned, left seeking fruition in relative darkness to this Dei.
    Kareem Sighïd: Dayum.
    Sighmon Sighïd: Deus-ex Machina
    Race Bannon: ↑ basically launched Seth Rogen ..
    Sighmon Adebisi: I need to stop drifting into less-significance
    Race Bannon: roger
    Sighmon Sighïd: Roger Bannon!
    Race Bannon: Bingo ... Mafia - MS marathon forum.. not the recent one
    Kareem Sighïd: found it, mind blown + speakeasy poker mafia mind coaled
    Race Bannon: I like to one-up and tell you about the hood-legend of how memento poker mafia came to be played with Recas memberberries but I'll bank that one for later primers
    Sighmon Sighïd: JailkeeperGyllenhaal.. and JailkeeperSimmons, what's the connection
    Race Bannon: then or now? it's just form and linguo wit, or is it?
    Sighmon Adebisi: Too many jk members for the latter to apply!
    Race Bannon: caught me! nerve spill incoming. The idea was for every one of them to jail and trial particular facets of Loranthaceae, before incarcerating for good. ..
    Sighmon Adebisi: Subaru?
    Race Bannon: phhhAAHHHAHA
    Sighmon Sighïd: roflmao hhhhaaa
    Kareem Sighïd: LOL!
    Race Bannon: but no. free Subway Sandwiches for potential mafia players, courtesy of subscriptions ... things like that are the corporate equivalent of narcissistic indulgence. no ties to philosophy so no juicy dice. Think of subaru the telescope and starcluster aka pleiades, also the noble act of subbing into for-"a-minute"-long-afoot, maturely progressed game.
    Sighmon Adebisi: back to pula mafia flavor, aight
    Race Bannon: not necessarily. the final-form $%#! is about those who sub out may still win while their subs may not .. or vice-versa; subbed-subber rivalry, unbothered by whatever the reason for it was, the sub
    Sighmon Sighïd: I don't get it.
    Kareem Sighïd: I think I DO
    RB: shoot :condescendingjake.jpg
    KS: see the setup as the uberprimer. justify it as if you would the choice for a primer. . draw parallels to how vfm > skypemafia ... no prerequisites .. no interruption of the game's service to let you play and win .. courtesy of the points system.
    RB: obv if you join later your max ceiling hight is lower .. but yeah, no stigma of mis-voting .. equal random chances to either gain or lose points .. only the desirability of proficiency remains constant.
    SA: votes for scum D1, subs out, gets donezoed cuz doesnt shine light on $%#! N1, submits correct guess along with the rest before the clock on the final buffer runs out.. wins game like gg ezpz no re git gud lmao. pffff
    RB: sponsored by inferior educated-guessing skills of fellow townies, a possibility indeed
    SS: lackluster agent/reporter skills being compensated for ... victory the flip-side occurring instead notwithstanding is the classy way
    RB: 100%
    SA: eeey how do I appear dumb now that I know plenty?!
    RB: you still have to show, or you're donezo next.
    SS: show love to mantis' voice, my advice.. so ASMR-mafia-apt .. don't tell nobody about any of this recent stuff. it would all be based on grinding mining for mafiascum insider stuff.
    SA: well what do i get for being the first to do that?
    KS: dahell is ASMR-mafia supposed to entail?
    RB: dunno but here come some of them cognitive percentages to conjure up sonething good. @SA not much cuz it's cheap to cast aside the intuitive and shun the natural.. so you'll have to apply more than just laying bare what you dig up. Apply at least some of those energies + eloquence and pizzazz to it if you're to overtake KS.
    SS: maybe some bars boiling hot as sheikh oil struck by lightning, pizzazz encore-demanding-, tasma Tazz hypercaine-inducing flow says ev'ryone, so clean
    KS: so high res ... yeah i got them buying that i arrived at the news paper naturally. got them feeding bs out of my hand
    RB: the liquid avenue is inexhaustible. How you guys handle it is the true test and core of your deception.. encore by going into anchors and you've got more than I can hold together in my consciousness at any cybernetics-not-applying moment
    SA: yeh, imean you copy-pasted any line from the signup thread op, even into duckduck and there you are ... smoking's landing right thurr
    RB: alright, that does it. I'm telling them about the vineyard's store and the bbq joint next —cuz too much potential lost on forums kept underpopulated by sigh-artists with moderator smurf accounts pales in comparison to good ol' calling up some friends or hitting up hookers on the street corner or the vietnamese posse and just pass off grapes as chips and get together to play some memory poker .. or memento poker mafia with all but the latter cuz language barrier and all ... a different one every time with perfect native pronunciation so they're like what the $%#!, hue hue
    SS: until you learn theirs once you teach them to use your phonetic-fidelicious writing to learn one of your four..
    KS: and then finally play information-prerogativist, come raceday using a different language for every 4/20 and be understood
    SA: I'm gonna get donezoed you guys i know too much and it's too good to deny, for this nightphase let alone for 2 more cycles brrrruuuh, :sigh
    SS: Judas ... Judicator Aldaris
    RB: en taro trilobyte, Adebisigh.
    SS: Sighmon Adebisigh Sighïd
    RB: the tri × hard-denouncer of the son .. reminds me of AB's aka SF's cat
    RB: you know, i'll never shake the feeling that i had something to do with his unbanning from twitch, i don't think
    SAS: tell us more, and emulate the levitating one's style while you're at it
    RB: oooh .. mhh okay you saucy bastards, it's hard though ... mmuhahahahaha- hah haaaaaarr
    SA: bastard ? as in this setup may get bastardized
    RB: no. don't hang on my every word. sheeeeeeeeiiiiit, alright, here I go
    RB: the jailkept one, you say? that reminds me of the cool avatar NJ was rocking and ppl complained about for no reason. It never got quarantine-preserved. I estimate its sentimental value at through the roof though, but its more than a decent gif by anyone's standards, too. Prolly the best forum-mafia forum avatar ever assuming all is laid bare and explained
    SAS: :sarcasticjake.jpg tell us more
    RB: if you knew where i'm potentially getting at beating at this bush you'd be all-earser than a stemcell, cloned to grow in-vitro into an ear, don't mind me tellin ya: the holy grail of flavor tetrahedronicism .. the root of the impulse where every backtracking stops to bow at before venturing back into relative decrepitude and barren wastelands of sigh-distorted sounds of crepitating secret sonar streams saved for late-night lucid-dreaming sessions to interpret the echolocatory, sensory..
    SA: oh $%#! this is how he gets when he channels the rawness.. we struck it bois! La La La /_ean!
    KS: /_
    SS: /_
    SAS: By your powers combined ... I AM BARON BANNON!
    RB: .. our hero :sighmilonakis.jpg RIP
    RB: like Atlantis sunk, it, in turn, blew up
    SA: according to flavor or?
    RB: imma say flavlore because reasons
    SAS: even FURTHER BEYOOND our lvl of current initiationi, eh? fuggetaboutit
    RB: i was a .. we were a pyromania-onlooker
    SAS: found it. "it lead to mechanical loot it was dope" elaborate on this in ISO with the holy grail of flavor you were starting to spazz out about, you Kevin Spazzy guy
    RB: emulating Prot, no less? .... hmmmh let me just coin "method flavoring"
    SA: oooh, fancy dr. pants
    RB: and say it got successfully applied to the 72hour game's completion by yours truly.. a masterpiece the sigh-ppl keep bugging me to educate them on .. or they're just yolo gaslighting, insisting i $%#!ed up for whatever reason the bliss of total ignorance randomizes. Still .. the consequentiality traction that pula mafia's flavor SHOULD'VE generated outweighs 72h ®eel one by a mile. Perhaps exclusively due to the fact that that gif avatar would tie all future primers on the matter together most cardinally.. a super a neutr0n star shining bright when you're meditating on how to be part of this zone where perfection is effortlessly surfed... at the same time sad, like a perfectly spherical, cloudy diamond 4× the size of Saturn —when at a complete loss of empathy with 5-figurepostcount sigh-artists who find joy/compulsion in gaslighting you most pointlessly, maybe just because they don't know the method, and would instantly flash-max-appreciate what your investment amounted to if you'd explain it.. or at least nod profusely anf refuse to $%#!; but they won't know because they'll never ask... muster the will to want to ask.. so you're just left contemplating how beautifully that diamond would glisten off Polaris, maybe .. if it wasn't so damn cloudy. Tired now.
    SSS: Yawn
    SS: Finally
    SA: 'nite sandman
    KS zzzzZZzZ
    RB... well idk. what can I say

    .. to get them to stfu for a second, take it ez .. and hydragod-forbid listen to what their inner hear
    RB: On a less cringy, final note, let's make it clear what good townplay implies again, so you can fabricate, infiltrate and corrupt / hijack / derail it: (listen to the primer again, and try to guess who is mafiosi) finding out who is mafia, voting for mafiosi, eliminating mafiosi (optional —nevertheless an inevitable consequence of success)
    and racing your rivals in portraying what works about forum mafia, parading its desirability, flattering your pseudo-self whilst echoing my primers' efficacy to come to your aid back to me.
    #idk [hence, (experimental)] /insert something about making apparent coincidences look like premeditation.. fatecraft, the result of a higher power getting involved exclusively when the essence of forum mafia is unchained and cast into purity of form ... twas arguably the most dashing of paragraphs that I foolishly misplaced in an attempt to save it for last.

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    i still don't know what this is even after reading the explanation

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    When you feel it's high time to fill me in on what specifics your nonplus entails, we may yet make a believer in /in-ing here out of you. Maybe even High Noon, a game that indicated a connection to a co-hosted game on, with a dueling mechanic reminiscent of a bygone flaveur duel between Race Bannon and Shapelog, in need of players.

    Meanwhile, certain developments have come to my aid, and I'm therefore increasingly confident I can provide a convincing case for the necessity of the following EBWOP:
    /insert my presentation of the realization that laying bare what appear to be coincidences with proof for premeditation.. fatecraft —the result of a higher power getting involved exclusively when the essence of forum mafia is unchained and cast into purity of form— ... is in order

    Exhibit A: in-tandem with the starcraft e-sports game tournament as it was unfolding and

    The race screenshots are from anthonyz playing the newly definitivised mafia video game, who has been the protagonist of a satirical pseudo-ad meant as a quasi-rant regarding obnoxious ads on TL, originating from Race Bannon.

    If you're into RTS I highly recommend this Afreeca Starleague's Season 10 Round of 16 Group B Highlight montage
    bearing in mind that there's one popular meme associated with Larva, the progamer who made it through into the round of 8, first.
    He plays with his feet, in the same manner as FlaSh, whose debut performance as Random-race picker is due to be streamed tomorrow, has 350+ apm playing with just one hand.

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    as an avid forum mafia player, thesaurus user, board warning collector, apophenia experiencer and on-screen keyboard virtuoso, i have no choice but to /in

  7. ISO #7
    Usually we'd add PMing me a sequence of cards for a skimmed deck of Texas hold-em poker we'd all play on the side, for the sake of oversight, order via posting priority, memorability and anchorage to the base functionality of hypothetically the best mobile phone game that never got made, I'll call Primer Relevance Cloud Space Alliance, or Mob —for short— into the mix. Mob's gameplay and story'd store a cornucopia world for the fatecraft wiseguys to explore, uh-huh. Would render mafgames mem'ra ble like your first time with a girl, curled up, spooning. Akin to Merlin perking books magic unfurling... ahh, poker, yes.

    Read:, or don't; since we got the mouse-only part in place already (it serves as a reminder that the namesake outlet / tutorial game hosts nevertheless got ratted and trolled on —a troll is not a mouse either) to clearly render its type a :T: Light game. Nobody will be dispatched to your location to verify / oversee your compliance.

    Lastly, I want to thank Whitewater Hysteria for a brief yet potent retort that directly counteracts the style of my, one might call, blasphemous display of flattery, emulating how one might be tempted to gun for that extra mile of safety from night-time elimination in my previous post. However, since it's flattery that coerces the perception of forum mafia having played a part in foretelling future events (
    FlaSh did advance further the first out of the group
    , mafia look magical, I dare Yes I was emulating how a report might look like

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    Testing.. mic checovid 1, uhh, 9. Signature-recording(?), as I was saying you can impersonate a user of this account, and design your report to be a quasi-follow-up to sign-up-thread replies, or whatever you want; it's fair game as long as it serves your wincon AND conforms to common sense all things considering.

    PS: this is not the kind of game you forage the mafiasites for in an attempt to find reasons not to sign up, so your /in settles for a minimalist, anime-you-moderately-enjoyed-dedicated game's signup thread, irrationally hoping to socially cash-in on your time-investment with more time-investment. This is the best way of playing forum mafia, objectively speaking, period. You can spend 4 minutes & 20 seconds — 4 hours & 20 minutes, every other day, on years with 29-fay februaries ... you'll find a bunch of things not readily-appealing or potentially unsettling, but under the line I would join in without knowing what to expect, and I know my mind would wind up blown right, since I do know. Trust is earned? Just get in here and let's play mafia you dramatic roombat —I'd say as a fellow up-signee.

    Finally-for-real, you want to polish your diary/report/article/book-résumé, so that you wind up with only marginally-detectable spelling and construct errors, for I will take this stuff into consideration come deadline, if only to provide the scumteam with the incentive to profit from editing and providing feedback to each other.

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    "He plays with his feet, in the same manner as FlaSh, whose debut performance as Random-race picker is due to be streamed tomorrow, has 350+ apm playing with just one hand. " is wrong.
    "He plays with his feet, in the same manner that FlaSh —whose debut performance as Random-race picker is due to be streamed tomorrow— has 350+ APM playing with just one hand."
    might be too marginal to warrant the effort of an intervention, though; *as opposed to suggesting a more compact quasi-entertainment artifact to be hyperlinked, in resonance with the plain text "when the essence of forum mafia is unchained and cast into purity of form", like this —which was the intention and choice, btw, impeded only by youtube unbeknownst-to-me-auto-switching to the next-suggested one by the time I got to copy the link.*

    Quote Originally Posted by Race Bannon (#8)
    No indication for the affirmative ahoy, so let's say I accommodated
    Misclicked submit reply, but I think you get the picture. I won't be editing any posts anymore so please snowball the signup list of players along, choosing a # locus for yourself. Bear in mind the
    Quote Originally Posted by Superbia (#93)
    Quote Originally Posted by LockeZ (#89)
    Reading Superbia's post is like putting the time cube manifesto through an automatic thesaurus app that finds the longest equivalent word for every word you write.

    I don't wanna deal with that for the whole game.

    ##Vote Superbia
    Is there relevance purpose and value to this critique? Hint: Nope.

    Yet I hear it too often, maybe not worded as elegantly as you have. Never does the word 'thesaurus' fail to appear though, as a nonchalant shortcut to discrediting my effort, relevance, purpose and value remuneration. I guess in mafia games it helps me read into people, but generally, on forums, I'd kill you with fire if I were a mod @LockeZ
    Straight up liquidate yo deal-refusing $%#!. You dig?

    Here's the code I abide by. Very lenient compared to most real online forum moderators, because not an expression and content censorship fanatic. I hope this
    Provisionally replace --insert-- with LockeZ, to illustrate a point.

    The most defining characteristics of an --insert-- post are a) its pointlessness, other than to invert the constructive flow of ideas and their transmission, and b) the attempt to assert a form of out-dominance regarding the proprietor of the target post - by passing immature judgement over their post(s')'s quality (delivery, relevance, purpose and value). Only by belittling the effort, value, relevance and/or purpose of the target post is the --insert-- able to legitimize his or her lack of purpose, relevance, value and/or effort, and he or she does this via unwarranted assumptions of the proprietor of the target post.

    >For you see, the more effort, value, relevance and purpose the targeted post has, the more of a rush a --insert-- gets upon pressing 'Post' and awaiting its consequences within the safe confines of his or her overflatulated dwelling; psychologically speaking.

    >--insert--s who are going to make a new account and post the insult with that are funny because they're at least putting in the extra effort, and therefore cannot be --insert--s; more on that later.

    >A --insert-- is going to try to first and foremost foster a history of pseudo-usefulness to the community, that amounts in what others ought to perceive as a buffer of untouchability. The more seemingly standard-abiding posts a --insert-- accumulates the more impact he/she preemptively imbues his/her --insert-- post with. That's why you see them commenting on the most mundane stuff, saying $%#! just to seem helpful or, and this is the crux of this paragraph, integrated, as if to gather caliber for their opinion; carrying weight; representing; acting like they're at the forefront of this established army of freethinking and/but like minded in their rejection -spectrum people. The people who form the elite authorities on what is what.

    >A false paradox would be to assume that this is a way of making an effort. It's pre-target-post effort, and has no purpose other than to roll the persona snowball onward, until it's big enough to be thrown at someone's face. Preferably someone engaged in doing something more useful than the --insert-- could ever hope to have imagined him or herself doing. Looking susceptible to sabotage, hopefully the --insert-- can reduce him or her to the --insert--'s level by making him or her want to return the favor, and abandon his or her constructive undertaking, so the --insert-- won't feel so alone. So he/she doesn't need to rethink his or her values either, upon having witnessed someone raising the bar far beyond his or her reach.

    >And that is why passing judgement as to whether it is in fact --insert--ing, and determining its extent of gravity and calamity to the OP and target post are inseparable from the target post and the context of the medium, with all its dimensions like the --insert--'s history on the site. Each post should therefore be scrutinized in establishing the true mentality of the --insert--, whether it's anchored in something genuinely substance-laden, or just a superficial disguise to strike from, whenever he or she thinks he or she can get away with it, being left romanticizing his or her involvement in the psyche of everyone who read his or her --insert-- post.. alas having achieved permanence - for whatever the builder was building there, there is thus incontestable proof of the --insert-- having been involved in it; even if it's just a bit of delay.

    >The worst that can come from misunderstanding what constitutes --insert--ing is the putting on a pedestal --reserved for those who are genuinely building circuits of awesomeness for all to benefit from-- of people who are unable to however slowly (slightly) advance towards or even turn towards a direction remotely resembling that of the trajectory of awesomeness, because then people who don't know how to create value gain the ability to represent it and reap its primary perk: authority.

    >If there ever was such a thing as the perfect quantifiable reward for having caused something good or elegant to happen as a result of having done effort, or to a lesser degree at least attempting that finality, then it's the orgasm: the universal currency of base-level maximum joy. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every time we see someone do something awesome, and we're left enjoying the resulting empathy, we are imagining that we are giving out orgasms. A finite and valuable commodity we could have kept for our selves. At one time or another one has to recognize that someone abode by a high standard or even raised it. And every time that happens, someone who is part of the solution --not the problem-- will go through this mental process of donating a gasm.

    >It is wise to believe that there is an objective way of telling what is valuable --as in deserving of being rewarded with a gasm, henceforward referred to as '+', &, to a further extent deserving of the beautification of the circumstances of achieving it-- and to entask one's natural curiosity to mapping out that objectivity - last but not least, it's also wise to profit from conforming and excelling at supplying it, in a way that is accessible to the specific demand in an ever-changing environment. --insert--s either honestly fail to harmonize at this --by tuning their online or real life endeavors to serve selfish and infantile goals, falling short on dedicating effort to generate value with a noble purpose & achieve a delivery with superlative relevance to the receivers or even themselves before clicking Post-- or they fail willfully - by confining their intentions to a malicious spectrum, ranging from sheer unwillingness to treat a singular post with the appropriate (not preconceived) amount of respect, to being a --insert--ing fanatic

    >In the case of the former, the --insert-- has himself or herself to blame, but a society is to blame if it happens on a regular basis, for it is surely the misallocation of authority's intervention and/or its uninspired application that left room for the perversion of being convinced to deserve a + for posts like [reserved]this[/reserved] one. Whether effort, noble purpose, relevance and value are tuned according to objective awesomeness evaluation or not can only be said for certain once a post has been emulated to be perceived the way the poster perceived it. To strawman a goal for the target post --by subjecting it to misrepresentation at the mercy of the --insert--'s imagination-- and to insinuating it failed to get achieved, or to call the poster annoying, useless or insane is more often than not a declaration of refusal to do so, no matter how polite, apparently well-meant or honest the --insert-- sets it out to appear.

    >The constellation of these 4 cardinal elements that warrant a post being posted can be obscure, and builders might find joy in taking readers on a ride to explore its extent, easing into it at first, but the time spent exploring is time spent doing something other than asserting dominance or superiority, or, in the most perverse cases, parading having supposedly righteously decided --for everyone who might see the target post, & be influenced by it-- that it's not worth their time, and genuinely believing to have done a service to oneself and the hive mind by signaling it as such.

    >If a --insert-- has all of the above negative characteristics and doesn't mind not attempting to redeem oneself --by giving +, or if broke making it so as to replenish the stash thereof - and then giving some to those who build (instead of those who can't) by potentially eliminating the risk of devaluing his/her brand with only him- or herself (and to a lesser extent society) to blame (for making it too hard to pursue objective awesomeness research)-- & doesn't change trajectory away from being part of the problem, then the next step in unloading the --insert--'s arsenal is to exercise subtlety and brevity - the former to extend longevity of haphazard masturbating at the expense of the universal value of a +, and the latter to insinuate common sense, the twisting to suit-the---insert--s-agenda of which is the most effective method to +block someone, i.e. to not only abstain from rightfully donating a + to someone who deserves it, but to deliberately skew or contest the applicability of jurisdiction of the sound logic governing + distribution for the case in question, AND furthermore claim it to be a measure rooted in common sense, meaning it would be silly to beg to differ. Ultimately this can truly achieve the sabotage of + income, resulting in a lackluster yield of +s, & destabilization of post value (effort, purpose and relevance) to + ratio.

    >If the --insert-- succeeds, his or her deeds remain unpunished, is left to rave unhinged while +s are unaccounted for, why would anyone make quality posts? Given enough time, people will even lose a sense of what a quality post is, and then suddenly a --insert-- can get away with deluding him- or herself that his or her posts truly deserve +s, and pretty soon the only ones on the site are those who ceaselessly have to belittle others to stand strong in this belief.

    >If you ignore the --insert--, the --insert-- will win. If you ignore the builder, because you got your values mixed up, and you somehow were left under the impression that a builder is a --insert--, then the --insert--s of the past have already won, & the builders of the future will be too frustrated to do what they do best --deliver quality posts-- because it feels like carrying the collective weight of a thousand --insert--s' inadequacy upon having posted an adequate (not to mention excelling) one, and instead of basking in morally awesome-abiding righteously handed out +s, one perceives the poverty of + hyperinflation and misappropriation - and it's non---insert--s who are sad, the --insert-- not so much.

    >The assumption develops that --insert--s exist in a separate value continuum. Their dwelling needs little ventilation - yet they refuse to do it. Perhaps it's because if they insinuate that the grandiose and glorious posting endeavors of their fellow forumites have an unpleasant odor to them, and try to bring them closer to resemble the way their fart cushion of a metaphorical accommodation reeks like, then they can tap into and level with the value continuum of builders, and stand as their equal, with little to no effort spent, which has to mean they are superior by natural law, because in their mind project magnitude, content hierarchy, difficulty and elegance do not compute.

    >What one might nevertheless call natural law is warranted to state that for equal amount of success, the individual who invested less resources and energy to generate the same amount of assets --that are relevant for quantification) as the other-- is the victor. As a fallacy-rooted extension of this, however, people might like to think that if they had spent the same time and energy someone else has then they would've achieved on-par or superior results, and therefore could degenerate into making excuses, which is a sure way of not adding additional value to one's post, but rather a belittling of that of others, and is ultimately silly common-sense-wise.

    >As a side note, the object of forums cannot be to inflate the capacity and substance of a post to a degree one would otherwise not have achieved without referring to RL. As a valid extension of this logic, it should be reproachable when someone makes unwarranted assumptions of a supposed insufficiency inherent in the post, pertaining to an alleged RL mental condition - that should make it so as to disqualify the value remuneration of the post. Whether one is right and this is the truth or a falsehood, there is no sensible argument in favor of publishing the supposition --whether it's worded as a question or not-- more so, as I've clearly stated, if the target post is one that could potentially harbor legitimacy for the effort brought about in its creation, if the effort shouldn't suffice to stand as a clear deterrent for making malicious assumptions all by itself.

    >Generally, further interaction between the proprietor of the target post and the person suspected of --insert--ing him or her with his/her post in question is to be desired in order to weed out any possible misunderstanding. However, as stated, that may not be what the drive-by, oneliner --insert-- perceives as his/her best interest, and he/she has all the defenses that lack of collective intelligence, unfit reprisal from civilization's authorities --i.e. failure to amalgamate value production and authority-- and society's negligence leave at his disposal. Tools which he/she'll use by basically not doing anything, automatically upholding the problem - more so leaving it in a state in which it can potentially aggravate itself
    goes viral one day.
    to sensibly pivot onto the moderation-to-be-expected's good side.
    in my previous post.
    seemed to kick in starting this-time-I-intentionally-click-submit-reply around, so I left this important-if-the-displays-of-its-code's-defiance's-undesirability's-ignorance's-sincerity-is-to-be-believed part out(-sourced to the signature). Curious

    Welcome to
    Brought to you by karma-sponsor threads: MS~Trollaholics Anonymous, TL~Descriptions of books we'd love to write/read, IR~Transcribe posts into phonetic †ongue (pho†on) using my custom phonetic alphabet, SN~Slam Poetry (RIP)

    *ultimate-edited in, to exemplify an anecdote.
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    The signup info for this thread is like dostoesvsky novel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abraxas (#10)
    The signup info for this thread is like dostoesvsky novel
    It is a literary masterpiece, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwogcarf (#4)
    i still don't know what this is even after reading the explanation
    Same. I'm lost

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    they/them/their/theirs/themself + she/her/her/hers/herself
    shouldn't this be removed from the signup list? or rescheduled or something

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