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Thread: Natural Wonders Mountainous FM

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    Natural Wonders Mountainous FM

    Game Host: CRichard564(Main Host), WindwardAway and KyoDaz(Co-Hosts)
    Game Type: Open game as it's a mountainous.
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 48/24 or 36/12 depending on public demand.
    Expected Number of Players: 15-19 depending on public demand.
    Elimination Mechanics: Compulsory Majority + Plurality
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No, only Mafia can communicate 24/7 off thread.
    Bastard Game: No
    Other: ITAs are a thing with a 15% hit chance as of now.

    This game isn't in signup mode yet, though it will be if there is enough support for it to go through. Mafia night kill is mandatory and will be randomised among alive townies if no target is selected.

    Everyone needs an account on FoL if they want to express interest in this setup.
    Also if you're banned from FoL, then you can't play in it anyway.
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