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Thread: I just got banned from the discord for disagreeing in a debate

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    I just got banned from the discord for disagreeing in a debate

    Even after voicing how uncomfortable I was advocating for the position I was taking I just got kicked out of the MU discord after a discussion in the debate section. I guess disagreeing with staff is a bannable offense these days?
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    Hi! Staff here.

    In the #debate channel on Discord (which is publicly visible, btw, so other folks can check my work here), you engaged in a lengthy conversation on the nature of systemic racism. During this debate, you adopted several positions that were blatantly prejudiced and incompatible with our site's rules and code of conduct.

    The straw that broke the camel's back was this particular line of conversation, in which you insinuate that the source of disproportionate minority representation in American prisons can be traced to those minority populations being predisposed to "crime culture":

    And just to make sure I'm not misinterpreting, here's another snippet of the conversation where you use the same term, and once again stop just short of directly stating the insinuation:

    This also should not necessarily have come as a surprise, as a moderator asked you to step away from the situation earlier in the conversation:

    To summarize, the reason for your ban from the server (and for your soon-to-be ban from our site) has nothing to do with disagreeing with any staff member - hell, I have terrible opinions, most people SHOULD disagree with me - and everything to do you with you holding and espousing hateful and ignorant viewpoints that are incompatible with our community.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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