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Thread: Why the Sit-And-Go Queue failed and how it could be done better (in my opinion)

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    Why the Sit-And-Go Queue failed and how it could be done better (in my opinion)

    I made this post in the announcement thread yesterday, but I thought it'd be a good idea to bring it here.

    prefacing this with a disclaimer that this is all my opinion, and you're completely free and likely to disagree.

    Quote Originally Posted by lendunistus (#67)
    I think the queue had potential, but a couple of factors made its demise almost inevitable. the champs test games are a perfect indication that the idea is great. however, the execution with the SNG queue was extremely poor.

    1. Lack of Advertisement

    the queue was barely even advertised. aside from an announcement, the queue being pinned in the signups forum and an open signups link, no effort was made to get people to try out the new queue. I want you to imagine yourself as either a new or a returning player who missed the announcement and wants to play a game on the site. which game would you rather play? "March Long Phase Ultra-Low Volume Game" or the mangled soup pot of a title that is "S2: D6 13er"? (i am aware that the first title isn't exactly a perfect example, but at least it's in english for god's sake)

    there needed to be a good indication of what the queue is right from the get go. if I have to click on a link just to even see what the hell the start date is, I probably won't click it. a separate sub-forum in the mafia games section dedicated entirely to sit and go games would have been miles better but here, the queue was just awkwardly shoved in the sign-ups forum. if you're gonna have two different types of sign-ups, don't shove the second type in a section dominated entirely by the first type. I know I sound like a hypocrite when the champs test games were also shoved into the sign-ups forum, but they actually had COHERENT TITLES THAT PEOPLE WOULD CLICK ON.

    2. Lack of Variety

    I don't think i'm making a controversial statement when I say that D6 can be quite unbalanced sometimes. it definitely has some flaws, but i'm not here to gush about a setup. the point is that if I don't want to sign up for a D6 game, I probably won't want to sign up for one 2 MONTHS LATER. there was clearly a lack of interest for D6, yet it was still kept as the setup for months straight. it's like keeping a normal game in signups for 2 months even when it's almost certain that it won't fill. the "a game can only be in signups for 2 weeks" rule was made to prevent zombie games where nobody signs up for them and they just stay in signup limbo, yet this is exactly what happened here. the setup should have been changed when it was already clear that there wasn't interest for it.

    3. A General Lack of Care/Updates

    at its worst, the OP was edited once a month. that is abysmal. and the open signups tab was even worse with it not being updated ONCE after the second SNG game started taking signups (at least from what I can remember). the queue basically wasn't being monitored or acknowledged by any staff members from february to mid-march. coupled with the lack of promotion and setup variety, it gave off a general feeling of "we don't care". the queue just looked like something staff put up and then stopped caring or acknowledging a month afterwards, which probably contributed to the massive lack of players.

    i could keep gushing on about a potential replacement for the queue or talking more about how it was executed poorly but i'm too tired so meh

    TL;DR: great idea, but lack of setup variety, promotion or general care led to a very poor execution.
    Addendum to point 3: I am aware that at the time, Aquilla and Quas were busy and that Manti was taking a break from staff activities, but that doesn't excuse the fact that the queue basically went unmaintained through that time period. Someone should have stepped in to oversee the queue.

    that was a wall of text, eh? now let's talk about how it could be done better.

    this is my proposal: add a "starts when full" calendar to the already existing queue.

    the problem with the Sit-And-Go queue was that at first glance, it was not clear whatsoever what it was all about. my suggestion aims to rectify that while still allowing game variety and a single central subforum for sign-up threads.

    1. Add a "Starts When Full" thread prefix for the Sign-ups subforum and allow hosts to set "Starts when full" as a start date option in the Open Signups panel. Should be relatively simple additions unless the Open Signups panel is a mountain of spaghetti code for whatever reason.

    2. Add a "Starts When Full" calendar to the already existing queue (next to the Standard/Large and Light calendars). This calendar would have 4 slots for each month (could be limited by weeks like the regular calendars as well, personally I wouldn't do so) and hosts could put their games on said calendar with the same process as usual, except that instead of specifying the start date, hosts are instead required to specify the date on which their sign-up thread will go up. Unlike regular games, these games would have a week to fill (this could be changed to two/one and a half weeks during slower times like champs/hydra season or whatever), after which they would immediately be pulled from sign-ups, no grace period. This would help hosts provide variety while also not making it necessary to have multiple sign-ups forums.

    if you want to keep the already invented Sit-And-Go formula (which I personally don't like but whatever), here are the tweaks i'd make:

    1. Move the SNG queue and all Sit-And-Go game threads to a separate subforum in the Mafia Games section. The subforum needs to have a clear description of what it contains.

    2. If an SNG game hasn't fired in 2 weeks or more, change the setup. Put it to a vote. Whatever. Just don't keep it at D6 for 2 months.

    3. Advertise/promote it more. Have a small banner on the front page (like the open games section but it just has information about the current SNG game such as flavor, phases, setup, etc). Just do something.

    anyways, rambling is over. again, this is all my opinion and you are free to and likely will disagree. bye.
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    We are currently looking at making a number of changes. Feel free to leave us input.

    Can a mod close this thread for the sake of keeping all input contained into a single thread? Thank

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