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    Wink Town of Salem -Various Games

    Hey everybody!
    Do you want to play a game?
    It’s a tantalizing game, on a dying site.
    A site that was once filled with determined and heartfelt players.
    A site that was once a wonderland full of variety and excitement.
    A site that now has become a barren wasteland...
    The terrible devastation of player famine has sucked the life out.
    Now, the only way to rejuvenate this oasis is through you guys!
    You great folks, the outside and off-site players!
    Together, I know we’ll be able to build our home back up again!
    So if you’re ready, come play with us.
    Only you can make our desolate land become sparkly and fresh.

    Our game that was in sign-ups has filled, but we’ve got 4 more in queue.
    If you've got any questions, just message me or ask in thread

    Game Details
    Website/Queue -
    Game Type -
    Our GIM filled, but we’ve got more games in our queue
    We’ll be having various types (Vanillas/Specials/Standards).
    Most games are themed or flavored as well.
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