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Thread: Sunbae's Bad At Making Bets 5 Cat Walrus (entries closed!)

  1. ISO #51
    @Timmy Elephant

    After a bit of a delay (thanks Mafia) the reveal will return with Category 2 (Celebration) on Friday (3pm eastern is my goal).

    Songs have been listened to twice and sorted already, just got one more listen through to do before finalizing. As a teaser, this category might be the category with the highest percentage of songs in the "excellent" or "great" tier during initial sorting. Should be fun, hope to see you there!
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  2. ISO #52

  3. ISO #53
    nice, i'll make it probably

    e: oh lol i just checked what I subbed
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladd (#53)
    nice, i'll make it probably

    e: oh lol i just checked what I subbed
    ready for more måneskin
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  5. ISO #55
    Reveal is starting over in the discord!

    But first a few housekeeping notes:

    1. This is the reveal for category 2: Celebration. This category - and I assume the rest of the categories in this Walrus - will not be graded for category fit. That was a special one time thing since I actually drove around listening to the playlist in category 1. People celebrate to different things and it's more about how much I like a song.

    2. I generally sort submissions into four categories initially: Love It, Like it, It's Ok, and Not For Me. This category has 22 submissions. Only two entries landed in the Not For Me section which I believe is the lowest in any of my Walrus categories (this one or other). Only a few more were in the Ok section. Everything else was in at least the Like It section and I believe unless I'm missing a very old Walrus this is the highest % of entries to make the Like It+ Category. Awesome job.

  6. ISO #56
    22nd Place

    Solo Hero

    Draco and the Malfoys - Voldemort is Awesome

    Even though it's a meme entry it didn't bring me any peacefulness or contentment celebration vibes, the vocals were kinda rough, and I think if I never heard another thing about a JK Rowling brainchild I'd be ok with it.

  7. ISO #57
    21st place


    Psychostick - Introvert Party Time

    So I think this had a couple fun lyrics but overall I didn't enjoy it. Was pretty bland sound wise, vocals grated on me. Just not for me.

  8. ISO #58
    20th place


    Here's To Valhala

    I think the vocals to this are really pleasant but the rest of the package just doesn't bring much to the table. But those vocals are incredibly soothing. The longer it goes on the more I like it.

  9. ISO #59
    19th place

    Timmy Elephant

    Viagra Boys - I Feel Alive

    It took me a couple of listens to really really get this. My first listen or two was so focused on how .. rought? raw? .. the vocals sounded. But as I listened a couple of more times I bumped it up a few slots because I actually think that type of vocal really meshes well with the instruments. This is not the type of thing I'd normally listen to but it grew on me.

  10. ISO #60
    18th place

    OaB (1)

    Made in Abyss - Tomorrow

    This one was pretty interesting. Everytime I thought it was picking up and about to take off to something epic, it pulled back and slowed down instead. It kept me expecting *more* from it, but not really delivering. It sounds really nice at points though don't get me wrong. Just feel it had the potential to be amazing and instead landed at "its solid".

  11. ISO #61
    17th place


    Eiffel 65 - Blue

    after not hearing it for a while I got a big goofy smile on my face when this popped up. I always enjoyed the different misheard lyrics. If I were Green I would die. I'm in need of a guy. If that was me I would die. Anyways, fun entry. I've always been a big fan of eurodance and even though this one isn't one of my favorites I still feel like dancing around anyways.

  12. ISO #62
    16th place



    It's got a really nice beat and the chorus is the right kinda catchy. But in keeping with the message I'm not going to hold back and say if you're gonna make a song thats 6:33 I'm gonna need you to have it fluctuate a lot more than this one did. If this song was 3 minutes I'd be more on board.

    Side note: You literally quoted the "nothing more than six minutes" rule and laughed saying it was a great rule then posted a song over six minutes :angry: (that had nothing to do with the score I just thought it was hilarious)

  13. ISO #63
    15th place

    OAB (2)

    Persona 3 - Joy

    I know this one! Even though I've not really played p3 I've listened to this one a lot in my video game playlists. It makes me happy.

  14. ISO #64
    14th Place

    Lord Quas

    SRLGRD - Nector

    Enjoy the vibe of this one. There was a brief period where I was starting to get a bit bored of the repetitiveness towards the back half but then I ended up quite liked the ending too! Good entry!

  15. ISO #65
    13th Place


    Eddy Grant - Elective Avenue

    This is a classic. I don't really submit them to walrus very often but I'm a big fan of 80s music. Enjoyed it a lot cause I haven't listened to it in ages.

  16. ISO #66
    12th Place


    Kero Kero Bonito - Lipslap

    I really enjoy the feeling of this one. Super catchy. I also love the lyric video that has incorrect words too (like "Thinking Cats" instead of "Thinking Caps". This just kept getting stuck in my head

  17. ISO #67
    11th place


    Bradio - Flyers

    this was fun! The chorus was my favorite part by a lot but the rest wasn't bad or anything. I just really liked the chorus. I think you submit a different Bradio song to a previous walrus and did well with it also! This probably scores higher in a different category but this one got super topheavy for me and it landed here.

  18. ISO #68
    The Top 10 (in ABC order)


  19. ISO #69
    10th Place


    Vantage - 50/50

    I really enjoyed how it changed its sound as it progressed rather than just feel repetitive. This was great.

  20. ISO #70
    9th Place


    Melody Club - I'm Electric

    This is the type of thing I was really into in the early 10s. Real toe tapper. Catchy. Just a delight to listen to.

  21. ISO #71


    Roll Deep - Good Times

    This is a real good time! I don't have anything interesting to say here: It's a good song and I loved listening to it.

  22. ISO #72
    7th place


    Masked Wolf - Astronaut in the Ocean

    this is so different than anything else submit but it's really good! Not something I would think I'd enjoy but for whatever reason I just really enjoy it. The chorus just sounds so damn nice. I appreciate this entry going in a different direction because I dont know if I'd have ever discovered this on my own.

  23. ISO #73
    6th place


    Vengaboys - We Like to Party

    I went through a phase where I loved this type of Eurodance (Eurobeat? Idk what it is) music and loved it. That phase has been going on for like 20 years and counting. This and Boom Boom Boom were two of their songs I listened to allll the time. It's still such a fun, catchy, danceworthy, celebratory song.

  24. ISO #74
    5th place


    DJ Earworm - United States of Pop 2009

    I'm going to be honest. 10 seconds into this I thought it was going to be awful. Usually the "best of the year" Mash Ups are just kinda nostalgia "hey remember these clips!?" nothing things. Instead it was ... awesome? I'm thoroughly impressed at their ability to shift everything around to make it one cohesive song instead of being obvious cuts back and forth. This is fantastic and well, as much as I hated "kinda nostalgia" in theory from other types of things like this, it ended up working so well and I actually did feel happiness from the nostalgia. Really cool entry, thanks!

  25. ISO #75
    4th Place


    Surf Curse - Disco

    Reveal notes: I hope this one works out. The video linked to me was unavailable so I went and grabbed a different one with the same band/song in an effort to maintain the blind scoring. If not please let me know and I can see if the corrected video changes anything. As for real time song comments: I enjoy this. Short and sweet, a nice catchy beat, good vocals, something that's right in my wheelhouse. I. Can't. Wait. For. YOUUUUUUUUUUUU. Yeah it's in my head already.

  26. ISO #76
    OUR PODIUM (abc order):


  27. ISO #77
    3rd Place


    TWICE - Alcohol-Free

    I really loved this whole package. Super happy in a relaxing way. Felt like something I'd listen to on vacation having a great time.

  28. ISO #78
    2nd Place


    Sonniku - wknd

    I love this. I've mentioned in the OP that I know virtually nothing about any of the technical aspects/terms of music but that weird sounding beat thats prominent really works for this. Vocals sound wonderful. Super catchy. Excellent submission! Every repeat listen made me like it more and more.

  29. ISO #79
    1st place


    Ripe - Little Lighter

    I adore everything about this. The sound/vibe is perfect for me. I like how it picks up the pace as it continues, it keeps me interested in whats happening Then it drops back towards the end. I know i've mentioned things being repetitive in previous entries as a reason to bump them down, and this is the type of thing I'm thinking about those songs not having. The vocals are pleasent, the song is catchy, theres a bunch of instruments popping up in here. It's also just super happy, feel good, and fun. Just A++.

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    That concludes Category 2.

    Category will will be revealed at some point in the future. Hopefully not a month between reveals this time but I can't promise!

    Grats to the podium and thanks for all the entries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunbae (#81)
    That concludes Category 2.

    Category will will be revealed at some point in the future. Hopefully not a month between reveals this time but I can't promise!

    Grats to the podium and thanks for all the entries!

    I hope you are not overcome with
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunbae (#1)
    3. Regret.

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