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Thread: [Suggestion] Add Confirmation Pop-up to Locked Votes

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    [Suggestion] Add Confirmation Pop-up to Locked Votes

    So coming off of the string of two accidental self-votes in LyLo in recent games, one of which was a champs game, I figure we might want to consider the idea that people fat-fingering the wrong name, particularly on mobile, is undeniably a real issue, and although it would be easy to just blame players for not checking things over before posting I see no reason not to have a pop-up message asking "Are you sure you want to vote [PLAYER]? Votes are locked and you will not be able to change your vote today." when they're trying to place a vote in a situation where votes are locked.
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    this makes the selfhammer at lylo more impactful

    therefore i support it


    Quote Originally Posted by Marshal (#174)
    tl;dr: kat called my $%#! small, I townread it
    Quote Originally Posted by Hally (#39)
    what if kat is vt

    would she throw like this

    Quote Originally Posted by Transcend (#217)
    Quote Originally Posted by Transcend (#160)
    Quote Originally Posted by katze (#42)
    ##Vote Sleep

    im tired and feel like staying in bed

    also we don’t have enough info to execute someone d1 or something
    This immediately pings me a bit. Partially because i know it's not smart but also seems like he doesn't wanna step on toes so early.
    Yo katze

    I feel like this might have been a joke post

    But also i feel like there's some truth behind every joke and I just got pinged by this

    So can you tell me the rationale behind this post?
    Quote Originally Posted by Marluxion (#714)
    Katze is uwu
    Quote Originally Posted by illario (#2944)
    Pretty sure Katze is just an innocent memer gamer girl who likes to joke around and play seriously as well and genuinely gets upset when her jokes are taken seriously and her seriousness is taken as jokes

    And if she’s maf then she’s just a borderline sociopath memer girl whose jokes are just lies and her seriousness are just lies and everything about her is a lie and if she flips maf this game and I see her say anything remotely scummy in a future game I’m just gonna death tunnel her to the ends of the earth regardless of how genuine her posts may feel
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    signing my posts makes me feel subhuman

    - chloe
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    you're not a reliable source of redcheck yet

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    Yeh, seems fair in lylo. Not like you'll be vote swapping like mad in locked votes
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    am host of the second accidental lylo selfvote game lmao, was a massive rip
    yes it just sped things up but. the other one was directly free wolf win and the one in mine was just *oof*

    and ye since you literally can't change your vote afterwards i think its fair
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    I hold you in the highest regard, my friends.

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