Disclaimer: I'm not personally hosting or affiliated with this game, I'm posting on behalf of a player I know from another site, smallworldz.

Website: https://www.mafiacolosseum.com/threa...ups-12-16.556/
Game Host: osieorb
Game Type: Semi os
Phase Length: 48/24/ 0-12 twilight and 0-24 night compiling
Expected no of players: 16
Elim mechanics: deadline elim
Role reveals: yes
OC: no
Bastard: no
The chart above is the same solution chart that will be filled up throughout the game.
Each row or column contains 1 Power Role, 1 or 2 Vanilla players, 1 Town Event, 1 Mafia Event, and 1 or 2 Other Events.
Two squares of the same type may not be orthogonally adjacent. The types are: Power Role, Vanilla, Town Event, Mafia Event, Other Event.
Each player knows their own role, alignment, and position.
Flips, either by vote or by factional nightkill, are by square rather than by player. For example, [x] 4,5 would vote for the square in the 4th column and 5th row.
Unless a role or mechanic specifies otherwise, whenever a player or an event flips, that square is revealed.
Anti-claim mechanics exist. It is not recommended that you claim your role.
Optional: Mafia Colosseum is a small community so we are looking for more members to host a large game like this one.