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Thread: Zack's Thunderously Cromulent Walrus

  1. ISO #101
    2. Bloobird

    Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

    Wholesome fun for the whole family. Song has that quality where each second smoothly flows into the next from beginning to end, like a … river. :curtain:

    8.6 / 10

  2. ISO #102
    1. Moose


    It frightens me how well this mashup works - it's wonderful. Has science gone too far?

    8.6 / 10

  3. ISO #103
    scores after two categories

  4. ISO #104
    sorry for the delay everyone, I'm planning to reveal category 3 this friday (the 22nd) SATURDAY THE 23rd at 6 pm EST

    Last edited by Zack; October 18th, 2021 at 05:04 PM.

  5. ISO #105
    why does the mention for @Manasi never work smh

  6. ISO #106
    Low Hanging Fruit LordQuas's Avatar Game Manager
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    Oct 2017

  7. ISO #107
    Low Hanging Fruit LordQuas's Avatar Game Manager
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    Oct 2017

  8. ISO #108
    sorry guys, didn't realize tangy already had Friday

    reveal will be Saturday at the same time

  9. ISO #109
    okay... tangy delayed her reveal so we're back on Friday at 6 pm est

  10. ISO #110
    3. i feel god in this chili's tonight
    A song that takes you to a higher plane of existence. A song to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to with your full attention. A song you probably wouldn't listen to at the gym or while pwning 8 year-olds in Fortnite. This is something more specific than simply "a song you love," but also something more vague. If you want to risk a post-rock or tangy-core sub, this is the place (naïve melody) to do it.

    Keywords to shoot for: introspective, meaningful, downtempo, existential, thunderously calm

    Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Everything Everything - In Birdsong
    Bon Iver - Holocene
    Duster - Inside Out

  11. ISO #111
    31. Otter

    All Star but it's the edgyAR remix

    why would you take all star and turn it into this lifeless generic monstrosity

    4.5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 11 / 37

  12. ISO #112
    30. remember

    Robert Wyatt - Sea Song

    seems like this is pretty revered on RYM but for the most part I just found it mildly irritating. idgi

    4.8 / 10

    meaningless category score: 22.06 / 37

  13. ISO #113
    29. Viggorous

    Cody - Be

    It has one view, and it says it was uploaded at 6 am this morning.

    I find this fairly boring, not much going on here.

    5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 27 / 37

  14. ISO #114
    28. Shad

    Ray Wylie Hubbard - Purgatory Road

    not really a fan of the growling vocals. or the song in general.

    5.01 / 10

    meaningless category score: 24 / 37

  15. ISO #115
    27. PunchyTheCat

    Tame Impala - One More Hour [instrumental]

    Not really a big Tame Impala guy, or a big 7+ minute instrumental guy, so...

    5.014 / 10

    meaningless category score: 28 / 37

  16. ISO #116
    26. Egix96

    Kasbo - Kaleidoscope

    I think a dubstep-adjacent track was not likely to do well in this category. It's okay I guess.

    5.1 / 10

    meaningless category score: 15 / 37

  17. ISO #117
    25. Visorslash

    Have a Nice Life - Emptiness Will Eat the Witch

    Well they sure don't sound like they're having a nice life. Not my kind of jam, or jelly, or other such spread.

    5.27 / 10

    meaningless category score: 27 / 37

  18. ISO #118
    24. Wisdom

    Enya - Boadicea

    melodic humming intensifies

    5.5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 28 / 37

  19. ISO #119
    23. Ampharos

    World's End Girlfriend - Ghost of a Horse Under the Chandelier シャンデリアの下の馬の幽霊

    this is fine for what it is but like … why did you sub this to *me*

    5.8 / 10

    meaningless category score: 29 / 37

  20. ISO #120
    22. Sunbae

    Sweet Trip - Acting

    I've seen people gush over Sweet Trip in #music but this was a bit of a miss for me. Do not like the vocals very much, and the second half of the song is pretty dull. Here, I've prepared a copy/paste comment for you all for easy reference.

    "wow, robbed. sweet trip goat. zack smelly and dumb. eat a poopoo zack. im so sorry you got robbed sunbae. sweet trip more like i feel god in this sweet $%#! chili's tonight trip. this is worse than the time amy gave holland 1945 a middling score. someone file a report with the local magistrate cuz theres been a ROBBERY."

    6.1 / 10

    meaningless category score: 28 / 37

  21. ISO #121
    21. Frog

    Kodaline - All I Want

    song with 70+ million views and I'm unsure if I've heard it before, #shadmoment. Somewhat commercial-core but still alright.

    6.5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 30 / 37

  22. ISO #122
    20. roro__b

    múm - We Have a Map of the Piano

    not crazy about the vocals, could see myself liking it a lot more with a different direction there

    6.6 / 10

    meaningless category score: 33 / 37

  23. ISO #123
    19. Cuthalion

    Cynthia Erivo & Scott Alan - Anything Worth Holding On To

    lots of talent on display here, especially the vocals, but this is a bit outside of my wheelhouse, its too … clean?

    6.9 / 10

    meaningless category score: 30 / 37

  24. ISO #124
    18. Moose


    Even though it's literally just a meme based on a stupid ad being repeated over and over, this is still tolerably enjoyable because it's based on a great Daft Punk song. A little too long and repetitive, the connection to the category is tenuous at best, literally just a meme based on a stupid ad being repeated over and over.

    6.969 / 10

    meaningless category score: 420.69 / 37

  25. ISO #125
    17. Owner

    Young Rising Sons - Sunday Sunshine

    more poppy than I had in mind for the category, but I left it pretty open. Reasonably enjoyable, I used to listen to this band a bit awhile back.

    6.999 / 10

    meaningless category score: 20 / 37

  26. ISO #126
    16. Newcomb

    Destroyer - Bay of Pigs

    Destroyer is hit or miss for me, I find his music to generally be a little too self-indulgent for my tastes. This song is a good microcosm of that, there's some good stuff I enjoy a lot, but also a bunch of farting around.

    7 / 10

    meaningless category score: 31 / 37

  27. ISO #127
    15. staypositivefriend

    Big Thief - Mary

    Listened to this album at some point but don't remember much other than Shark Smile (which is great). Good category fit, the song itself doesn't captivate me enough to rise above a 7 ish.

    7.01 / 10

    meaningless category score: 35 / 37

  28. ISO #128
    14. lendunistus

    Toby Fox - Undertale

    This is solid but goes on a bit too long for me, the last minute or so felt pretty superfluous. Landmark moment for instrumental VGM in a Zack walrus.

    7.02 / 10

    meaningless category score: 34 / 37

  29. ISO #129
    13. Roman


    this was one of the harder subs to pin down my feelings on, eventually i settled here. when the strings come in :kreygasm:

    7.03 / 10

    meaningless category score: 33 / 37

  30. ISO #130
    12. KarmaDope

    Liquid Tension Experiment - Chris & Kevin's Amazing Odyssey

    It's shocking how much I liked a song best described by those three cursed words: "instrumental," "prog," and "metal"

    7.3 / 10

    meaningless category score: 31 / 37

  31. ISO #131
    11. MyNameIsNothing

    Grouper - Headache

    Cromulent track, but it never really fully grabs my attention the way I'd want an 8+ song to.

    7.4 / 10

    meaningless category score: 36.5 / 37

  32. ISO #132
    10. nutella

    Vienna Teng - Thy Hymn of Acxiom

    its like being in church but the preacher says alright im gonna sing through a vocoder today if thats cool

    7.45 / 10

    meaningless category score: 31 / 37

  33. ISO #133
    9. Hally

    Björk - Hyperballad

    I haven't listened to Björk much, never really "got" her music in the same way I don't really "get" Twin Peaks. They are both intentionally strange but not in a way that I vibed with. I thought this was decent, but I'm assuming that people will consider a score of less than 10 as committing an unspeakable war crime in violation of intergalactic law and start comparing me unfavorably to that really awful co-worker you have who just $%#!ing sucks and is a real dumb bastard.

    7.5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 29 / 37

  34. ISO #134
    8. LordQuas

    Quelle Chris - It's Great to Be

    I'm pretty sure I subbed a song off this album to your walrus lol (though I don't know if I ever listened to the full thing or just that song I sent). Anyway, solid song.

    7.51 / 10

    meaningless category score: 30 / 37

  35. ISO #135
    7. Bloobird

    The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2

    Heard this before ldo, great album. Subbing Phil Elverum to a Zack walrus, flag on the play, 15 yards, repeat second down, arbitrary ranking penalty.

    8.5 / 10

    meaningless category score: 31 / 37

  36. ISO #136
    6. Kane

    Elliott Smith - Say Yes

    Heard this before ldo, great album, great song, greatlestar galactica. Subbing Elliott Smith to a Zack walrus, flag on the play, 10 yards, repeat first down, arbitrary ranking penalty.

    9 / 10

    meaningless category score: 32 / 37

  37. ISO #137
    5. shubaka17

    The Amazing Devil - Pruning Shears

    great chorus when they're harmonizing. sometimes the verses feel like two people singing different songs layered on top of each other and it doesn't quite work for me

    7.96 / 10

    meaningless category score: 32 / 37

  38. ISO #138
    4. Adam

    Kimya Dawson - Driving Driving Driving


    Interestingly, Adam sent this same song to my first walrus, and the only reason I remembered that at all is because the album art is so distinctive. Did not stick with me then, for whatever reason, but I liked it a lot this time.

    8 / 10

    meaningless category score: 36 / 37

  39. ISO #139
    3. gbsfranca

    O Terno - Volta

    This one takes a bit to get going, but once it does … it's pretty dank.

    8.069 / 10

    meaningless category score: 33.8 / 37

  40. ISO #140
    2. Keldeo

    Weyes Blood - Movies

    Someone I've been meaning to listen to for awhile. Pretty enjoyable song, and my enjoyment seems to embiggen with each listen.

    8.0691 / 10

    meaningless category score: 34 / 37

  41. ISO #141
    1. Manasi

    Mitski - Last Words of a Shooting Star

    Some great lyricism here. when someone sends me a sad, vulnerable indie song with poignant metaphorical references to Americana:

    9.038912 / 10

    meaningless category score: 35.329 / 37

  42. ISO #142
    standings after 3

    Last edited by Zack; October 22nd, 2021 at 08:20 PM.

  43. ISO #143
    one day i will learn to tailor my entries to the person running the walrus and not just go "oh i like this song" and submit lol

  44. ISO #144
    Soul Reader lendunistus's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2019
    oh god what the $%#! did I sub for cat 4
    Quote Originally Posted by Angrypotato (#747)
    Quote Originally Posted by Angrypotato (#408)
    Quote Originally Posted by Everyone
    ##Vote lendunistus
    Going to bed soon , but this is a very $%#!ty vote

    currently on indefinite mafia hiatus

  45. ISO #145

  46. ISO #146
    4. omg it's the category 4 reveal! yes!

    4. aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

    A song that's 2 minutes 30 seconds or shorter. :30 good, :31 bad.

    AJJ - Brave as a Noun
    Beach Bunny - Cloud 9
    Mitski - Washing Machine Heart
    Common - Be (Intro)

  47. ISO #147
    31. Egix96

    NoFX - Drugs Are Good

    I wouldn't care for this even if I didn't dislike the vocals so much. Just a whiff.

    4.9 / 10

  48. ISO #148
    30. Visorslash

    DSC - The dusty cave

    I just don't find this very interesting, kinda boring.

    5 / 10

  49. ISO #149
    29. Kane

    Slutever - Maggot

    It's on the cusp of being something I'd appreciate, but it's just a little too discordant for me.

    5.6 / 10

  50. ISO #150
    28. Sunbae

    Royal Republic - High Times

    I subbed a song from this album to you in the roulette walrus… I've listened to this album a lot and this is one of my least favorites on it.

    6 / 10

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