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    TMF Matrix 6

    TMF's first game on MU. An automated game for both the host and players to become familiar with MU's features.

    Setup: Matrix6

    A row or column is selected randomly from the following grid:

    A B C
    1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon
    2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Alignment Cop Town Doctor
    3 1-Shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker

    The choice of row or column determines which power roles are in the game. 5 Vanilla Townies and 1 Mafia Goon are then added to complete a 7-town, 2-mafia setup.

    Notice that several of the setups resemble others here, e.g. column B means the setup is a cop 9'er without a night 0 peek.

    Hosted by: @Ultra
    Start Date: When filled at next SoD time
    SOD/EOD: 9am/9pm EDT
    Phase Lengths: 36h/12h
    Out of Thread Communication: Mafia only
    Posting Requirement: Minimum of 5 posts per day phase, 100 post Maximum

    • Majority will be enabled starting Day 2.
    • Votes are automatically locked in when the Town must eliminate correctly.
    • Sleep is enabled. Vote for Sleep to forgo an elimination that Day.
    • Tied votes will result in a player being lynched at random from among the tied players.
    • Mafia factional kills are mandatory. Mafia must submit a factional kill each night, or a player outside their faction will be chosen at random.
    • Mafia factional kills are assigned. They can be tracked, watched, or roleblocked.
    • Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction.
    • Mafia may communicate at any time.

    Matrix 6:

    Sign ups:

    1. @Aether
    2. @Ratchet
    3. @The X
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