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Thread: Forum Mafia Newbie FAQ

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    Forum Mafia Newbie FAQ FAQ

    What's Forum Mafia?

    Mafia, on a forum! You make posts, discuss and vote on the forum software. The fundamentals of mafia aren't changed, but there is a lot more subtlety to both townplay and scumplay since you can have much more time to think through decisions.

    Why try forum instead of let's say, chat mafia?

    Firstly, there is much more depth and detailed analysis to forum mafia, as said above. Scum will usually think through every post they make and/or proofread it, meaning low-level tells will likely not work. In text chat mafia, scum are more likely to make small slips and mistakes. Teamplay elements of scumplay are also much more apparent, because of Daytalk (mafia have a discord channel to strategize and discuss to talk in at any time). Therefore, there is a lot more wifom when analysing as town, and considering associatives is also rather important on forum.

    How much of a time commitment is it?

    One of the most important features of forum mafia is that it's a multi-day game. Compared to chat mafia, forum is less commitment per session spread over a long time (chat mafia requires your undivided attention across a few hours to play a relatively long session).

    However, being inactive/lurking doesn't create a positive game environment (and creates more work for me smh). You must post once per 36 hours or get kindly reminded (prodded) by me to post in the thread. If you get prodded 3 times or fail to respond to the prod, you are replaced. In addition to the mandatory requirements, I recommend checking in at least once per day for an active and fun game overall.

    Are there any examples of past games?

    Games that this community has played on forum:
    1. https://mafiascum-closedgame.freefor...ospice-reunion
    This is a newbie game that follows a fixed and rather basic semi-open
    (, with multiple first-timers.

    2. https://mafiascum-closedgame.freefor...fia-waterfalls
    This is a normal game that follows the Mafiascum Normal Ruleset ( Some of the roles may be new to players from, so I recommend you to at least skim through all roles to familiarise yourself if you are playing in a Normal.
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