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Thread: SDM #204 - Tracktober Graveyard Chat

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    SDM #204 - Tracktober Graveyard Chat

    SDM #204 - Tracktober Graveyard Chat

    Welcome to the SDM #204 - Tracktober Graveyard thread!

    If you are seeing this, you must be dead. Now that you are dead, you are no longer allowed to talk to living players. You can discuss the game here.

    This thread will be made public at the end of the game.

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    ogn & saxjon bet bet

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    #52 from hobo
    "well saxjon just ssaid that they were posting that no matter what so be a fan of it or not it could be true"

    #146 from hobo
    "honestly tom and saxjon both sus, but kinda feeling saxjon > tom"

    idk man hobo kinda sus

    tom wins these tho

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