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Thread: 15er Anon Themed Mountainous

  1. ISO #1

    15er Anon Themed Mountainous

    i have some themes in mind but when you sign up you may PM me a theme. whatever has the most votes is the theme. ties mean i choose.

    150 post cap lifted 1 hour prior, 15 post min
    48/24, 8pm

    please PM me if you want in, do not sign up in here.


    1. Filled
    2. Filled
    3. Filled
    4. Filled
    5. Filled
    6. Filled
    7. Filled
    8. Filled
    9. Filled
    10. Filled
    11. Filled
    12. Filled
    13. Filled
    14. Filled
    15. Filled
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  2. ISO #2
    4 in so far, keep it coming.
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  3. ISO #3
    just over halfway filled now, keep it coming.

  4. ISO #4
    attenzione potential players

    i need 6 more

    the playerlist is currently super sick, you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on it

    do yourself a favour and play the best game on this site in 2021


  5. ISO #5
    only one spot left

    though we will need more people in case drop outs ofc

    sign up!
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  6. ISO #6
    and we are full!

    thanks all for signing up. still accepting stragglers for subs/fill in slots in case someone outs.

  7. ISO #7
    randing the game tomorrow.

    game will be using the mu alias system. i believe you just log in through the name of the account and the password of your regular account


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