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Thread: Schizoanalysis and Forum Mafia

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    Schizoanalysis and Forum Mafia

    Schizoanalysis is a cartography and semiotics (so concerned with symbols and 'mapping' them) inspired by psychoanalysis and a number of philosophers, - Heraclitus, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Hegel among those I remember, - the authors thought to have enough in common to exist within the same and somewhat distinguished/haecceitated tradition from the rest of the philosophical canon. Schizoanalysis is however neither philosophy per se/proper nor is it the same thing as psychoanalysis. The authors concenptualize schizoanalysis as differentiated from the common top-down, 'arborescent' models of epistemology and more scientific(?) attempts to explain the world fully which are rampant among intellectuals and the historical thinkers of the world. They conceptualize a 'rhizome,' which they metaphor with the free-growing and convoluted roots of a tree as opposed to the arborescent body and branches thereof, which are themsleves opposedly metaphored with the Apollonian, rationalist order which most systems of knowledge are friends with or otherwise subscribe to. Schizoanalysis also draws from literature and theatre, history, economics, pop culture, cinema and other things as part of its innate processes.

    Schizoanalysis is in some ways an epistemology or theory of knowledge whose contents render it to have no strict form or even ontological consistency. The content drives the form of the schizoanalytical practice and subjectivizes the borders of its own discipline such that they are beholden to these contents instead of a vice-versa relationship or even a relationship wherein the contents and form work with each other directly with the aim of either finding or explaining the truth. I do not believe schizoanalysis is much concerned, ultimately or at all, with finding truth as this would probably contrast and paradox with what it really is: it is an applied philosophicus-psychoanalysis which seeks to complexify the world and also explain it in ways that create and produce different symbols and exist within history as opposed to passively explaining it, 'mapping' things in the way an explorer would endlessly chart the world before everything was discovered, using the instruments he was educated on and also participating in the semiotic and real history of that charting as well as introducing elements of himself into the these histories. Rather than reduce an infinite universe into logical-form, reductive sentences and propositions likewise everyone else, the authors seek an expansion.

    I am starting to work out in my head how this might be helpful to forum Mafia, and I have a few ideas. (I also want to say that I am not too or fully educated on schizoanalysis and that my descriptions may not be totally correct or trustworthy, but it is a difficult thing to wrap one's head around.) I think flat-out that good wolfing is an intrinsic practice of schizoanalysis wherein the creation of different diversions and distractions and pollutions of dialogue/truth through the creation of new arrangements of symbols is inherently a process of production and in a basic and schizoanalytically-congruous way a complexification. It can also be noted that participation in forum Mafia can be understood to be an application of thinking and a participation in the semiotic history of Mafia at macro, whereas it is hard to conceive of schizoanalysis being anything other than an application of itself in some ways.

    It is again a complex topic and difficult for me to understand, but I am curious if anyone sees any benefit to something like this to the game of Mafia? Or am I taking things too seriously?
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