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Thread: Amrock's incredibly MU ELITE Walrus (10 SUBS, 5 CATEGORIES, REVEAL QUICK)

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    Amrock's incredibly MU ELITE Walrus (10 SUBS, 5 CATEGORIES, REVEAL QUICK)

    Five categories of music, 10 subs allowed


    1. No subbing songs over 6 minutes
    2. I will only listen to a song once so if you are expecting me to catch a really deep meaning on multiple listens probably not ideal
    3. I will be scoring completely subjectively on a scale from 1-10 each song. Each song will get either an integer number or a number ending in .5 (ie 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc) to make it easier for me.
    . I will give a 0-2 point bonus depending on how well it fits the category (ie 0, .5, 1, 1.5 or 2)

    Some music that I like:
    "fast, upbeat, catchy, love the melodies, feels super energetic, some power build up". I really like harmonies a lot and fast songs with great harmonies (or even some slow ones) make me super happy.

    "meh i would say that sometimes i like catchy songs that aren't super... satisfying/melodic. So I guess I should amend my descriptors to

    powerful/energetic/harmonic/catchy and/or satisfying chords
    I mean there aren't a lot of songs that miss all of these, but i would say that for example the "some nights" song has energy, power, harmonic, and satisfying chords and is catchy, so it hits all of my requirements and thus I love it"

    Power can either be through the melody or through the lyrics, for example I like the song SuperMarket Flowers because of the lyrics and they make me cry.

    Here are the last few songs I really like, for reference:

    Helplessly Hoping by Girl Named Tom
    "remember me" Coco
    Wichita Lineman girl named tom
    Hallelujah by Miner Key a Cappela
    Hava Nagila Trap Remix (Joel Bunker Youtube account, be aware of anti semetic youtuve comments)
    She's Gone Steelheart
    Halo Theme VoicePLay
    My Mother Told me VoicePLay
    House of the Rising Sun Geoff Castellini
    [MV] REOL - 宵々古今 / YoiYoi Kokon
    Saddle Up Geoff Castellini
    Euphoria Eurovision Song Contest
    Flo Rida- Right Round remix
    Everything we touch cascada
    Baba Rexha Meant to be
    "Ive only begun to fight"


    1. Music to listen to to wake up in the morning
    2. Music to listen to to go to sleep at night
    3. Workout music/music when running
    4. Music to listen to when playing werewolf/mafia
    5. Music to listen to when doing mindless homework or other tedious jobs


    1. Arete
    2. Arapocalypse
    3. Visorslash
    4. Lordquas
    5. Nutella
    6. Ampharos
    7. Bloobird
    8. Iaafr
    9. Reserved Mynameisnothing
    10. Reserved for Roro

    EDIT: You can send the list to me on discord or mafia universe! Whatever is easiest for you
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    Woohoo thanks arete for being #1

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    im in glgl, tbh mostly sent things ive subbed to other walri/will be recognizable as me to people not named amrock since he wouldnt be exposed to like any of my stuff i just went for ez picks tbh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amrock (#7)
    Fine then. No Egyptian grindcore for you, Buck-O.
    Quote Originally Posted by Panther
    I thought you were a nerd last week but then I saw you say you play golf and remember you said you chewed so you're some kind of unicorn or something

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    1. @Arete
    2. @Arapocalypse
    3. @Visorslash
    4. @LordQuas
    5. @nutella
    6. @Ampharos
    7. @Bloobird
    8. @iaafr
    9. @MyNameIsNothing
    10. @roro_b

    Category 1 reveal 7:00 PM EST today

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    CAT 1 score distribution

    SCORE DISTRIBUTION (possible 10+2 total points so 12 total)


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    Category 1
    Category 1

    Category 1- Waking up in morning

    MyName is Nothing: Score: 8 + 2 cat fit= 10

    - Absolutely love the build up in the beginning. Super harmonic in a catchy way. It really feels like something I could wake up to because it makes me want to get the day going. The lyrics are fine but I actually liked the instrumental at the beginning more than when the lyrics started (though the repetitiveness does not annoy me). There is a strange part in the middle with just a constant sound which is ??? but it builds up again!!! I was bopping my head when listening to this song throughout which is a good sign.

    Bloobird: Score: 5 + .5 cat fit= 5.5

    - This kinda feels like the kind of wake up song I would like if I lived in a mansion in Barbados or something, but I'm not sure it would help me wake up in my current situation. It honestly kinda makes me want to go to sleep ngl. ALSO, not enough harmonies or catchy enough for me to really get into it, and the lyrics sound really scratchy for some reason (I assume it's some elite music technique that I can't get). The screaming in the middle made me cringe. I bumped it up a score because I do like teh ending more than the beginning when it starts to get catchy and there are at least some harmonies.

    Nutella: 6+ 1 cat fit= 7

    I was really apprehensive at the first few seconds but then it turned into a nice beat quickly. But it sounds like, really quirky and minor keys or something. But there's something appealing about it nonetheless for some reason. The lyrics don't do much for me and the guys voice would sound better with nice harmonies rather than this complex minor key beat. At 1:30 it starts getting more intense with the melody and harmonies which I like, but it lasts for very little. That's my favorite part of the song and they act like it's a transition! IN terms of waking me up, I think it would probably wake me u p when I get to the transition harmonic parts so I can see how that's a cat fit for sure in at least part of it. To clarify the "get back down to my knees" part I really like but the other parts I dont like.

    Lordquas: 5.5+ 1 cat fit = 6.5

    No harmonies but something oddly appealing about it. It may actually wake me up due to it being something I would never listen to normally. Honestly the more I listen to this, the more it grows on me even though it's really not my style of music. It's repetitive so I grew kinda bored listening to it as the more I listened to it. yes, it bored me while also growing on me. The section at 2:20 is my favorite part. The ending confuses the $%#! out of me. Overally not really a fan tho, ngl.

    Visorslash: 3+.5 cat fit = 3.5

    I had an ad for hepatitis C at the beginning of this video which helped set the mood. The guitar at the beginning is not my kinda thing and then there's just this guy singing stuff with the guitar and omg no harmonies at all. I am confused at how this would wake me up but at least it's not like, sleep music or something so. This guy's face when he's singing annoys me. Oh wow we got a harmony at 1:35, nice. But not the dramatic, deep harmonies that I tend to like. Yeah this song uses the word "dry" a lot and that pretty much fits it. This guitar is NOT doing it for me. If I had to guess the decade this is from, it would probably be like the 1970s or something. It's like an inferior version of Bruce Springsteen (like the only other person who sings like this I've ever listened to)

    Arapocalypse: 6 +2 cat fit = 8

    Intruiging start but a pretty quiet start for a wakeup son--> WAIT NEVER MIND. Okay this would definitely wake me up whether I wanted to or not, so I probably have to give it full points for the cat fit. In terms of the actual song, I'm usually not a huge fan of metal which this feels like and the screaming drives me kinda of crazy but it also has these deep minor harmonies which are actually kinda compelling. TBH I probably wouldn't listen to normally but I might consider it for a wakeup song when I have like 3 hours or less of sleep, IE a song that I have to sacrifice some enjoyment for in order to actually wake me up. BTW, The lyrics kind of stress me out not gonna lie, especially when they are going on about how mankind will wilt in pain (WTF?)

    Roro: 7+0 cat points= 7

    I really like the way this guy sounds and I'm a sucker for these chords. This is an example of a rare song I think I actually really like a lot even though it doesn't fit my style of music (ie not many harmonies). It's really simple but it draws me in anyway for some reason. It's weird because I don't think I'd ever listen to this ever again but I still want to give it a high score, so lucky I'm doing this subjectively. I don't really see how it fits the category though because it makes me want to go to sleep so I don't think I can give it any cat points.

    Iaafr: 6.5 +1.5 cat fit= 8

    Damn this starts with a bang and gets harmonic quickly, promising start. It's definitely not bad at all. At 1:00 those are pretty tight harmonies. Something about the guitar or the really loud sound in the background turns me off of this song for some reason. But when they are actually singing it's really not bad. I feel bad for iaafr because this song is likely the one I'll have the least description for but I'm just having a hard time finding quality words for it.

    Ampharos: 7.5 + 1 cat fit = 8.5

    Meh/decent start, the chords at :30 and :40 really drew me in. There is something really oddly appealing about this chord and harmonic structure. Yeah I'm really feeling it, woohoo!!! I'm not really a fan of saxaphones or whatever it is, but it doesn't really detract from the song from me at all. Wow that :30 :40 and 1:30 chord is really nice!!! Even the quite parts aren't bad at all. In terms of cat fit, I don't think it would particularly wake me up but I don't think it would make me go to sleep either, not bad. I feel like this is a borderline 7/7.5 for score and 1/1.5 for cat fit, so I'm just going to split the difference and give them the higher of the one score in one of them, and lower in the other.

    Arete: 6.5+ 1 cat fit = 7.5

    This voice is funny lol it sounds like a musical (which isn't inherently bad at all). The more I listen to this, the more it feels like a classic broadway song that is upbeat that I tend to like. Pretty cookie cutter for me (imo), but not bad at all. I don't think I would listen to this when waking up because I wouldn't be able to process the lyrics. But it's not boring at all in the slightest. (Ok the section at 1:48 starts to get kinda boring). I feel like I want to know the story behind this song now lololololol.

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