ZeldaDungeon: Dark Souls Mafia [13 Players] - Hider 13

Website: https://zeldadungeon.net/forum/threa...s-mafia.72007/
Game Host: Mikey the Moblin (me)
Game Type: Open setup
Phase Length / Game Speed: 48/24 (potential for 72 hour day 1)
Expected Number of Players: 13
Elimination Mechanics: Most votes at the end of the day; insta ON
Role Reveals Upon Death: Cardflips ON
Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): Ootc OFF
Bastard Game: Bastard mechanics OFF
Other: A follow up to that setup I ran a while ago, Garbage Mafia. Some of you might remember it on account of me accidentally leaking the entire wolf team. Good times
please play my game thanks, the flavor should be goat