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Thread: VGM Knock-Out Tournament

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    Baba Is You becomes the 50th? winner, eliminating Xeno Crisis 3-1 to finish Best of 2019. Is it really 50? I might have miscounted, but it's got to be close. It doesn't feel like we should have been able to run this that many times lol

    Hitsugi advances 3-1. Final match of round 1:

    Round 1, Fight 32 // Best of Phantasy Star


    Valentine from Phantasy Star Universe
    by Kenichi Tokoi (PS2, 2006)


    Thank You from Phantasy Star Online 2
    by Hideaki Kobayashi (Windows, 2012)


    Aaaand, what's next? I'm pretty out of the loop right now, and there've only been four of us recently, so I'll leave that to y'all.

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    Thank You

    Hitomi Sato in the house.

    God this song $%#!ed me up when I first heard it. I played PSO2 and enjoyed it, but the story wasn't consistently its strongest suit. When I teared up upon hearing this song, I wasn't thinking about the game but the music. PSO and the series as a whole pretty much changed my entire musical taste, and it's been living rent-free in my head since like 2019. Hearing the singers of much of the soundtrack (plus bonus Mitsuyoshi) transitioning into a final glorious rendition of Whole New World was absolutely perfect, not to mention the brilliant personalized gate dive. Thanks Kobayashi and Crew
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    It's true. We've now finished 50.

    Vote: Valentine

    As for the next rumble, these themes are currently ready to go:
    - Best of Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)
    - Best of the Worst VGM

    Here is the group page for planning future themes.

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    Thank You

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