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    The Great Nintendo SMASH! 25'er

    The Great Nintendo SMASH!

    Types of roles I will have in this game (possibly, any and all may not exist. Any not listed here will not exist)

    • Killing, because everyone wants a chance to explode some varmints.
    • Investigative, including variants which make them underpowered or different from normal.
    • Protective, including variants which make them more or less useful.
    • Healing against bad effects including poisons or other passive negative modifiers
    • Passive, roles which go nowhere and do nothing but still have an effect, maybe even a powerful one.
    • Moving, roles which move but are rather low utility.
    • Blocking, roles which stop night actions.
    • Day action variants thereof.
    • Neighborhoods or masonries
    • Information role (night zero peek of villager, or innocent child, are examples of information roles)
    • Limited usage (one or two or three shot, for example)
    • Specific Night usage
    • Multiple powers (pick one)
    • Backup powers
    • Negative modifiers (for example, being told you are a doctor but your protection never works)
    • Positive modifiers (strongman is an example of a positive modifier)
    • Mafia Factional Nightkill (Can be protected against, but not roleblocked or tracked since it is not assigned)
    • Factional Anti-claim Strongman Killing power (Absolutely unstoppable under all circumstances)
    • Possibly unique roles that are not standard to the database!

    Roles which will NOT be in the game:

    • Third Parties
    • Serial Killers
    • Jesters
    • Cults or alignment altering powers
    • Multiple Mafia Families
    • Roles which can resurrect players from death
    • Roles which affect the vote tally
    • Roles which stop the vote result (lawyer)
    • Roles which extend Day
    • Roles which Skip Day

    What else?

    All results of rounds will have flavor. I will host it manually. You will get a blank role card from the modbot, and I will send you your real role manually, so that way I can write flavor and not have the result spoiled. OLD SCHOOL.

    Postcap each day will be 150 posts, over 48 hours. That gives you 75 posts per 24 hours.

    Minimum 5 posts
    per day. If you fail, you will be subbed out.

    There will not be majority end of day, all rounds will play out for the maximum 48 hours.

    There are 6 mafiosi and 19 townies.

    When you reach LYLO (execute correctly or lose) votes will be locked and majority end of day will turn on.

    All role cards will be blanks in the modbot. I will reveal all roles manually.

    Night action Deadline: 1 hour before Start Of Day.

    Day action Deadline: 1 minute before End Of Day.

    Game rules:

    I will make decisions related to modkilling or subbing out a player for reasons like needing to sub out, or not following host instructions. The game host's decision is law, you can appeal, but if I have to modkill you and I see a good reason it shouldn't have happened I will award you a no contest (just you). Modkills obviously cannot be reversed.

    What can get you modkilled? The usual stuff, cheating, contacting another player about this game if not allowed to do so, posting a screenshot of your role PM or any screenshot which can prove your alignment (this is vaguely worded, so it has to be real bad).
    Being hostile or toxic toward another player, and sucking the enjoyment out of the game for them.
    Although MU has a moderator team, I will not wait for them to correct a bad behavior, if it is egregious enough I will sub or modkill the slot. If you are a wolf and you fake concessions, if you are a townie and you discuss concessions.

    If you wouldn't do it in another game, don't do it here.

    If you care about your STATS, probably do not sign up. Games are meant to be fun, and if you can only have fun if you win, and you get all salty that you lost, keep that salt out of the game, and out of the postgame.

    There will be no spoiled spec chat. Dead mafiosi will be allowed to remain in mafia chat, but will refrain from posting further. That is their spec chat.

    Haze with a Z
    Prince J
    Ace Marvel
    Garden Gnome
    Meat Loaf
    DJ Eternal

    Subs for when you slank too much:

    Vanta Black
    Ephemera D2 onwards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Askthepizzaguy (#103)
    Setup was approved. Setup is randed. Sending out roles manually now. DO NOT DISCUSS THE GAME WITH ANY PLAYER.

    For the setup to be approved as balanced, not only is there an anticlaim that is unstoppable, but if town mass claims, there is now a mafia mass anticlaim.

    If too many townies claim truthfully on the same day, forever after that, mafia have unlimited anticlaim shots at night.

    Mass claim means town loses, period.

    You can claim. At your own risk.

    Don't risk the whole team. Needs to be several claims at once, but... yeah. You're kinda screwed after that. Don't do that. Breaks the setup.

    Break the setup and the setup breaks you right back!
    Quote Originally Posted by Askthepizzaguy (#105)
    Roles are sent out.

    For those of you who cheese it with timestamps, I randomize when I send the wolf PMs.

    If you discuss timestamps of your role PM during play I will modkill you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Askthepizzaguy (#106)
    Person- Town Alignment Cop

    Every night you will choose one name and get a cop check on that player. Good luck!
    Sample role PM.

    Person- Vanilla townie

    My personal favorite role. Good luck with it!
    Sample role PM.

    Also, if you claim your role PM in the thread, that will be an unstoppable poison on you. So maybe you want to be more coy than that.


    Hey, I'm not very powerful. (I have a low utility PR or am VT)

    Hey I am a strong role, of the following categories: investigative, protective, etc.

    You can do a lot with partial claims. Full claiming is $%#! in this setup, you've been warned.

    Mafia can now counter your full claims, so it still isn't worth to suicide bomb them. They can just claim a town role like above.

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    So here is the deal, I'd like to get started, but we're coming up on Thanksgiving which is a major holiday for US citizens.

    Many of you will have poor activity if I begin the game before Friday. So we're going to start the game on Monday as planned.

    It's kind of a long wait, but, at least you know your role, that the game is randed, can read the setup information, and so forth.

    11/28, which for me will be like 12:01 AM on that Monday. That means for many of you, the game begins evening/night on Sunday, and most of the Day exists on Monday.
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    No one has any flavor in their roles. I will decide flavor for every character and come up with opening flavor in the interim.

    Sick as a dog right now.

    I got a backup host, Hally, in case I get super sick. GLGL me.

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    Game Over: Draw
    Game Over

    The remaining sides killed each other. The game has ended in a Draw.

    x6 Mafia
    x19 Town
    4maskwolf (Mafia)
    Abraxas (Mafia)
    Ace Marvel (Town)
    Aldo (Mafia)
    Apoc (Town)
    bladescape (Town)
    CrimsonFox (Town)
    DJ Eternal (Town)
    DoctorZeus (Town)
    Garden Gnome (Town)
    Hallia (Town)
    Haze with a Z (Town)
    Hegel (Town)
    hollowkatt (Town)
    lilypetal (Town)
    matt (Mafia)
    Meat Loaf (Town)
    Michelle (Town)
    niphredil (Town)
    Porscha (Mafia)
    Prince J (Mafia)
    Schweppes (Town)
    wiggles1993 (Town)
    ZanderisTown (Town)

    Graveyard Chat: The Great Nintendo SMASH! 25'er Graveyard Chat

    Post-game discussion starts now.

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    This is of course not the actual setup.

    Fixing it.

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    they/them/their/theirs/themself + she/her/her/hers/herself
    ignore the above rand, it’s not the rand of the game and has no bearing on the game

    we’re making a new game thread and redoing it in modbot with blank roles

    the roles you received manually from pizza are still your roles, the game is not being reranded

    this is purely to fix the game in mod bot
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