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Thread: Taffy's Fluffy Birthday Cake Graveyard Chat

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    Taffy's Fluffy Birthday Cake Graveyard Chat

    Taffy's Fluffy Birthday Cake Graveyard Chat

    Welcome to the Taffy's Fluffy Birthday Cake Graveyard thread!

    If you are seeing this, you must be dead. Now that you are dead, you are no longer allowed to talk to living players. You can discuss the game here.

    This thread will be made public at the end of the game.

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    ugh I don't want to rant but like

    my death was avoidable and isn't going to move gamestate forward much and the reason I died was because people were cowards and afraid being wrong despite the fact I was obvious town for multiple reasons

    whatever, alexa hard town, spf hard town

    i don't actually know if it's alison but they should probably be policied for actual reasons
    Quote Originally Posted by Twice Shrunk (#2684)
    as noted by dvc getting modkilled was optimal play at some point and I am just ahead of my times

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