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Thread: Discord Mafia! Fairly quick games every week!

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    Discord Mafia! Fairly quick games every week!

    Just wanted to post a link to a discord server where we have regular games (at least one a week). The server has been going strong for 3+ years.

    Game Type: Mostly closed/semi closed
    Phase Length / Game Speed: Fairly quick games, days last between 1-24 hours, nights between 1-12 hours (closer to one). We usually start monday and game ends sometime between tuesday night and wednesday night.

    Expected Number of Players: between 12-18 depending on the sign ups

    Elimination Mechanics: Majority elimination however since it is a faster game mode we have a mechanism that allows extending it. Once majority is hit there is a 30 minute timer. Day ends when either the timer runs out OR everyone has voted.

    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes (typically...however we have had some very rare games where they arent)

    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): wolves have a wolf chat

    Bastard Game: no not typically but we have played over 250 games so, its probably happened

    Other: Great group of people from all walks of life who bond over this game of deceit. Give it a shot! Playing on discord isnt for everyone but we have a good group and a lot of fun!

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    never played this mode so i may try it out later ty

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    Quote Originally Posted by SchizoAffected (#2)
    never played this mode so i may try it out later ty
    Awesome! Look forward to playing a game with you!

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