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Thread: Power Rangers Anonymous Mash

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    Power Rangers Anonymous Mash

    Power Rangers Anonymous Mash
    Zordon (Aquilla, Anne, Alexa)
    Start Date: Monday November 27th
    SOD/EOD: 9:00 Am EST/9:00 Pm EST
    Phase Lengths: 12/12
    Mechanics: Anonymous Accounts.
    Night Chat: Not allowed in thread, allowed for all private chats.
    Out of Thread Communication: Not allowed unless otherwise specified. Private chats given are all 24/7
    Posting Requirement: Make a minimum of 5 posts per day. Will try to get subs when i can. First instance of an account not making minimum post is a modblock. Second time is a modkill.
    Setup: Closed Setup
    62 Spots Taken

    To sign up, either DM the host account (Zordon) on MU or send a discord message to one of the hosts.
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    To sign up, DM the host account (Zordon) or send a discord message to one of the hosts.
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    The Morphing Grid is the Source of all Power Rangers, whether directly or indirectly. In order to protect the Grid, all Power Rangers took an oath to never reveal their identities to the public unless absolutely necessary. This was honored by the Government, as the Power Rangers were first and foremost protectors and thus deserved some secrecy. However, that changed when an event occurred that had never previously happened.

    Civilian Casualties

    An unpredicted explosion occurred when the most recent team of Power Rangers' Zord was flung into a building that hadn't been evacuated and all those inside perished. Needing to be able to promise to the public that this wouldn't happen again, the Government chose to enact "The Ranger Registration Act, requiring all Power Rangers (past and present) to reveal their identities in order to be held accountable for such disasters. This did not come without backlash from the Power Rangers. If their identities get publicly revealed, then all of them would get swarmed by the public and lose every single bit of their privacy, but also endanger the Morphing Grid from prying eyes and villains. Thus the Power Rangers as a whole chose to not comply.

    A small group however, decided to take it upon themselves to forcefully have the full group publicized. Secretly meeting together, they made plans to oust the secret identities to the public. What they didn't expect, is for me to know. Now I task you rangers. Find out who are the threats in our midst.
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    We will provide the following info regarding this game.

    The Town Flavor is "Protectors of the Grid"

    The Mafia Flavor is " Ranger Registration Act"

    How this game is worked and randed is that my co-hosts and I have accumulated a bunch of roles we'd like to include for this game. We will then randomize which anonymous account will receive what role, and then provide a personalized role pm for that account. After that process, we will rand the players into the anonymous accounts themselves. So it is completely random which Ranger is what role or alignment.

    The Following Mechanical things are true about the game.

    There are no Third-Party Alignments.
    The Mafia Team will be provided with a factional anti-claim of some sort. The exacts of which will not be revealed until post-game.
    There will be no moderator lies amongst the roles, though there will be a few "funky" roles that are not traditional.

    Regarding the Anonymity of this game. The Mafia team will be allowed to reveal their identities to each other and work together in a discord. At no point should any identities be confirmed or speculated in thread. This is an anonymous game, please keep in the spirit of the game. This includes pregame signups.

    As always, if you have any questions please reach out and ask. We're hoping everyone enjoys this.

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    Signups will close at 1PM EST on November 25th.
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    Signups are Officially closed. We'll get out role pms as quick as we can, expect them sometime tomorrow. Game Start is 9:00 Am EST on Monday!

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