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What is Mafia? Getting started on Mafia Universe
Mafia (also known as Werewolf, Town of Salem or Assassin) is a dynamic game of logic, deceit and interpersonal relationships.

The game pits two teams against each other: One good team (the Town) versus one evil team (the Mafia, also sometimes called Werewolves). The Town team (uninformed majority) has more members than the Mafia team, but the townies are not made aware of who else is on their team. In contrast, the Mafia team (informed minority) are fewer in numbers, but they have the advantage of knowing each other's identity, allowing for them to cooperate in manipulating and lying to the Town. The objective of the Town is to eliminate all the members of the Mafia, thereby securing the safety of the town, whereas the objective of Mafia is outnumbering or achieving equal numbers with the Town, making a Mafia loss an impossibility.

After roles have been randomly assigned, the game will cycle through two different phases: A Day Phase and a Night Phase. During the day the innocent townies discuss who they should "eliminate", thus removing that person from the game, while at night the mafia gather to discuss who they will night kill. The game continues alternating between these two phases until a team has won.

Mafia was created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986 in Soviet Russia. It originated as a party game intended for a live setting, but has since then become popular on forums, which is the variant played on Mafia Universe.

Before you sign up for a game, you should first read our Rules.

Once you have understood the rules and are ready to play, you need to register a user. When you are logged in on your user, simply go to our Sign-Ups Forum. If you find a game to your liking, click the thread and make a post stating something to the effect of "/in". You will then usually be added to the player list in OP (Original Post) of the thread, after which it's just a matter of waiting until the game begins. Some games may have a minimum Posting Requirement, stating that you need to post at least 5 times per Day Phase, for example. Make sure you're aware of any such activity requirements and that you're able to fulfill them.

If you find that you can no longer play or that you have changed your mind, just post /out in the sign-up thread.

When the game begins, the Game Host will send you a Private Message, containing details on what role you have been randomly given for the game. From here on out, you just post and participate in the Game Thread.

If something unforseen happens that will prevent you from participating in a game that you signed up for, you should message the Game Host in private and let them know you need to be replaced. You should also let the Game Host know why you need to be replaced, unless it's something too personal.

New to the game? If you're a newbie, we highly recommend that you sign up for a so-called Light Game. These games will be less time demanding than ordinary games (i.e. they will feature less posts). Look for sign-up threads with a "Light" prefix in the Sign-Ups subforum.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Administrator or a Moderator.

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