Probate Lawyer

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Probate Lawyer
Alternative names None
Role type Support
Mass Effect
Alignments Blank
Used at N/A
Seen in games Rarely
Supported by Modbot No
The Probate Lawyer will, for as long as they are alive, passively allow dead townies to leave behind a last will, a post-death message. When the Probate Lawyer dies, all last wills are published.


The Probate Lawyer won't actually receive the last wills. Since last will mechanics are unusual, the host must immediately contact any dead townies before posting the day start story if the setup isn't open to prevent them from potentially talking with other dead players about the game. The deadline for submitting the last will will often be sometime before the end of the day phase. A less powerful Probate Lawyer might be able to actively use their ability only once, requiring them to submit the name of one dead player during the game in order to allow that player the chance to leave behind a last will. This variant can only choose players who died during the most recent night phase.


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